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FREE PRINTABLE Snowman Countdown

Jack loves anything with a Snowman on it, so his Christmas Countdown was always going to be a Snowman. 

Every Christmas Jack’s anxieties go through the roof! He usually spends Christmas day hiding out in his room crying his little heart out. It is the most heartbreaking thing to see as a parent. 

He always loves the presents Santa brings, I think it is just the build up to the day itself. He will have heard so much about Santa arriving and will know as the day approaches that our normal routine has changed and will change during the Christmas period. 

I decided earlier this month that I was going to make a big effort to really have Jack prepared this year. I want to have as many visuals and Social Stories created as I can that will help him. 

As always what ever I am creating for my own children I will make available here as a FREE DOWNLOAD. 

I will be using Christmas Countdowns for Conor and Jack so I have created two different types of Countdowns. This Snowman Countdown is for Jack and the next available FREE DOWNLOAD Christmas Countdown will be a Gingerbread Countdown that I will be using for Conor. 

I will have Conor’s countdown available later next week. 


  1. Free printable Snowman Countdown 
  2. Laminator & Laminating Pouches
  3. Velcro

FREE Snowman Countdown Printable


  1. Print, laminate and cut out all the pieces you will need. 
  2. Attach velcro on the back of the candy swirl circles and on the missing button on the snowman. 
  3. The circles number 0-25 are for the countdown and there are an additional few for you to keep as spares incase some of the numbered candy swirls get lost.
  4. Starting on the 1st of December you will use one candy swirl countdown circle each morning with your child. 
  5. You will place the coundtown swirl in the space provided (the middle button on the Snowman).
  6. Change the Candy Swirl each day until you get to December 25th! 

You can get your FREE PRINTABLE download here. 

FREE PRINTABLE Snowman Countdown


I hope you find this Free Printable helpful and that it will help reduce your child’s anxieties in the run up to December 25th! I would love to hear how you get on with it so feel free to comment below or pop over to my FACEBOOK page, which I am on daily! 

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