A Visual Santa Letter

Autism Santa Letter
Free Printable Santa Letter for Christmas

Create your own Visual Santa Letter

With Christmas now just weeks away, many children are busy writing their letters to Santa. In our house Hailey usually has the job of writing the letter on behalf of her brothers as-well, but this year I wanted to be more proactive and ensure Conor and Jack were also able to “write” their letters too. 

Conor and Jack are both unable to “write” by themselves just yet, but I didn’t want that to be a barrier to them both getting to send their own letters to Santa. So I have created A Visual Santa Letter for them both to send. I have included visuals within the “letter” so they can better understand what the letter is all about. 

I have also left a blank space where they can glue in toy pictures from the Toy Brochures, of what they would like Santa to bring or if they would just like to draw something they would like or even just a nice picture for Santa, there is space for that too.

I just want them to be able to experience what all children get to experience at Christmas, in their own way. It is lovely that Hailey wants to help them by writing their letters for them but I also want Conor and Jack to be able to do it for themselves so they get to be apart of that Christmas magic too.

Autism Santa Letter
Free Printable Santa Letter for Christmas

As always here is a free download of the same letter I have created for my boys, so that your own children can use it too!xx I hope Santa brings lots of lovely presents to all of your little children.

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May I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


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