Dental Health Matching Activity Printable

Free Dental Matching Activities Printable

Here you will find the first in a series of Free Printable Downloads which will cover the theme of Dental Health. 

This is a super short but super fun activity you can do at Home with the kids are use in a lesson for February Dental Health Awareness Month. 

I can match

The first part of the Dental Health Free Printable download is the “I can match” activity. A super easy and fun activity that you can expand on in a multitude of ways.  

Free Dental Health Activity Printable from Little Puddins

A Free Printable Download Dental Health Activity

There is a Matching Game to start where you can encourage your child to color in the pictures and name them. Using a colored pencil or crayon they can then try to match up the pictures.

Free Printable Dental Health Activities

Free Printable Dental Health Activity

Dental Health Flash Cards 

Next there is a set of two Flash Cards packs. They are identical so you can play SNAP with them or even make up your own games with them in class. They are another great way to encourage children to talk about Dental Health and to understand the roles different Professionals play in our lives. In this instant, it is the role of the Dentist and the Dental Nurse.

You also build on the Lesson by discussing Tooth Decay, what causes it, what happens when we don’t brush effectively? There are so many avenues of learning you can go down, with this simple Dental Health printable. 

Free Printable Dental Health Little Puddins

Free Dental Health Printable


If there are any FREE Printable Downloads you would like to see here on Little Puddins, please comment down below with your suggestions and I will add them to my “To do” list. 

Thank you for stopping by, keep checking the website for Free Printables as I will be uploading weekly. 


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