Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth Free Printable

Mr Happy Tooth Free Matching Printable


 Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth Free Printable Matching Activity. 

One of the things I love about being able to create Free Printable, as a Mom, is that I can create exactly what I need for my children to help them learn and to make better choices. In this instance the Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth Free Printable came about as a result of my trying to teach Jack (4) the difference between foods good for his teeth and the foods/drinks not good (bad) for his teeth.

Jack has Autism but is like any other 4 year old child who is learning about the world around him, albeit in his own individual way. He thrives on Visual learning and I think most kids do anyway, but children like Jack on the Spectrum really thrive in a visual environment. 

Mr Happy Tooth Free Printable

In particular he loves table top work, he calls it “work time” and usually the minute he gets off the bus from school he is emptying his bag pulling out his folders to do his “work time” (that is homework to you are I lol!). 

So we have been working a lot on Teeth Brushing lately, hence my recent fascination on Dental Printables at the moment. 

Materials you will need: 


Laminating Pouches

Velcro Dots

Whats included in the Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth Free Printable? 

A Mr Happy Tooth Sheet

A Mr Sad Tooth Sheet

1 Food Pictures List Sheet

The activity can be quickly assembled and is a fun way of learning the importance of what we eat is important to the health of our teeth. 

Mr Happy Tooth Free Printable


How to use your Free Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth Free Printable

I created this Free Printable as part of my Dental Series I am running here on the website. The Mr Happy and Mr Sad Tooth printable contains 3 A4 downloads. You will  have to print them off and Laminate each sheet.

For the third sheet, the one with all the food pictures, I would recommend printing this off twice and laminating each sheet. Use one sheet as the “holding” board for the pictures, using velcro dots to attach the pictures etc to it. You will then cut out the pictures from the duplicate copy attaching each picture to the appropriate place on the “holding board” with Velcro coins on the back. 

The object of the activity is to help your child to identify the different food items and then to be able to problem solve, deciding which foods are better for Mr Happy Tooth and which foods make Mr Tooth Sad as they are bad for him. 

You can get your Free Printable Mr Happy Tooth and Mr Sad Tooth HERE. 


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