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free autism visual schedules

Some of the most popular blog posts I have here on Little Puddins are the Free Printable posts. Parents, Teachers and Therapists contact me regularly about the Visual Supports I create for my own children and then share online for other children with disabilities.

I don’t always have the time I would like to have to create FREE Visual Supports and often find that I search for FREE Visual Supports online and go downloading great resources from other websites when I am in a fix.

I have decided to create some blog posts listing some great online FREE RESOURCES which you may also find helpful. I have used many of these over the years myself or they have been recommended to me by fellow parents.

If you have any recommendations; I would love to hear about them, leave a link down in the comments section or over on my FACEBOOK page. When I up date this post next, I will include your recommendations.


I will start firstly with Daily Routine Visual Schedules. There are a host of FREE supports online which you can access to download.

Every child is different; it is important to remember that different types of Visuals work for different children.

From the website- Little Puddins:

From the website- Pinspired Home


From the website- Living Well with Autism

From the website- Victories in Autism

From the website- Living Locurto

From the website- Natural Beach Living

From the website- I should be mopping the floor

From the website- My Name is Snickerdoodle

From the website- And next comes L

From the website- Kids Pages

From the website- Sparkle Box

From the website- Kid to kid

From the website- Printable Page

I would love to hear your recommendations for FREE online Visual Supports. Feel free to comment below with your recommendations.

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