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Free Santa Social Story

Santa is a man of mystery to us all but to some children, in particular children with Autism he can be a daunting, unknown figure. I have found with Jack (5) he understands most situations more easily when we have used a Social Story. 

Christmas the last few years have been a total disaster. Jack becomes super overwhelmed and his anxiety is heightened to the point he always sleeps so badly on Christmas Eve worrying about Santa coming while he is asleep. Christmas day turns into Jack crying his little heart out and hiding in his room with the anxiety he feels. We end up putting away all his presents and maybe leaving one out in the living room. Usually by evening time he will be happy to play with the one toy while the rest are hidden away. It literally breaks my heart every Christmas to see him suffer. 

I have been making big changes this year in preparation of Christmas and I am hoping it will pay off: Jack will enjoy Christmas this year. Fingers and toes crossed! 

This week’s Social Story is all about the big red man also know as Santa! In this Social Story I explain with visuals what Santa is and where he lives, including his role at Christmas. 

Free Santa Social Story

I would love to hear how you manage Christmas Anxiety your child may be going through so feel free to comment below or over on my FACEBOOK page. 

You can find your free Printable Download here.

Free Santa Social Story


If you find this Social Story helpful you may also find the following Festive Social Story helpful. I created the next one to include various social situations your child may find themselves in over the Christmas period. 

FREE Christmas Social Story

I also created several Christmas Countdowns which you may find helpful with managing your child’s anxiety in the run up to Christmas. FREE Christmas Countdown

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