Autism APPs for Communication & Visual Schedules

Six Communication & Visual Scheduling APPS for Autism. Download these APPS to help your child communicate and bring order to their day.

Apps for Autism

6 Communication & Visual Scheduling APPS 

Here is a list of 6 APPS we have been using recently with Conor and Jack.  

Apps for Autism

LAMP Words for Life

“LAMP™ is a communication APP based on neurological and motor learning principles as well as clinical experiences that address the language development and communication needs of children with autism.”

LAMP Words for Life™ app is symbol based for those who are not yet literate; however, those symbols are paired with text to support literacy development.

LAMP Words For Life™ is a full English vocabulary AAC app that is a therapeutic approach to language development. It provides a consistent motor pattern for words and a systematic way to develop communication skills while helping children to develop unlimited language growth. It is appropriate for all ages and communication levels.

Cost: $299.99

We recently were able to use this APP at a Specialist Training Appointment with Conor, you can read about that here in this POST or also over on our FACEBOOK page where you can watch videos of Conor using the APP. 

APPS for Autism

Social Skills for Autism

The app has 17 individual lesson plans with each one covering a required social skill. Please view the screenshots below for a complete list of the lesson plans. It is highly recommended that the user completes the app with the assistance of a parent, guardian, Teacher or assistant to maximise both learning and comprehension. It’s also great fun and a really nice way to learn together. 

Understanding is constantly tested during the app with a series of fun quizzes and “Let’s Discuss” sections throughout the app where the user discusses what they have learned and the user can also unlock a reward each time they complete a lesson plan. 
The app is based around a central character called Kloog the alien whose spaceship crash lands on Earth. Kloog is totally unfamiliar with our social skills and customs. The app user must help Kloog who is a slightly clumsy but lovable alien through the series of 17 lesson plans, let’s discuss sections and quizzes so that he can get parts and fuel for his ship and return to his home planet.

Cost: FREE


APPS for Autism


iTouchilearn Life Skills Morning Routine

Morning routines come to life as players progress through each routine and receive virtual rewards for completing a task. Includes: activities that reinforce learning life skills, play space rewards and “sing to me” morning routines song. 

Kids interact with the catchy “Ready for School” song sung to the tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”. Sing-A-Long Settings: 1. Words Without Music; 2. Music Without Words; 3. Music With Words

While not created specifically for children with ASD I really feel it will be helpful for children as they learn through the APP to go through their morning routines and can transfer the knowledge learned here into their own morning routine.

Cost: FREE


Autism APPS

Verbal Me

Cost €7.99

This is an excellent APP simple to use and very useful if your child has Autism with Intellectual Disability. I have this APP for Conor and it is super simple to use but also very effective in helping him to communicate his needs on a basic level. It allows for type to talk and has a host of visuals your child can press to communicate his/her needs.

There is also a sample version of this called Verbal Me Sampler which is a FREE download! I would highly recommend using the Sampler version to see how your child likes it.


Autism APPS



Visuals2Go is created with children, teenagers and Adults who have moderate to higher support needs in mind. It is distinct from other Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) in it’s versatility, it supports learners who needs access to hands on visuals by PRINTING cards in a range of different templates as well as those who needs that extra simple User Interface. Users can first learn to express themselves via choice making (where the card opens when selected) and then learning to use the sentence bar to express with more language.

Cost: FREE but full version costs €17.99

Try out the Free version before paying the full price. It is worth trying out the Free Version as it is quite impressive how effective it is.


Autism APPS


The Choiceworks app is an essential learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting). Created with the support of leading hospitals and child development specialists, this app is designed for caregivers to provide clear and consistent support to foster a child’s independence, positive behaviour, and emotional regulation at home and in the community. It can also be customized for teachers in a school setting. 

Key Features 

■ Four boards: Schedule, Waiting, Feelings and Feelings Scale
■ Image Library preloaded with over 180 images and audio 
■ Add your own images and record your own audio for limitless customizability 
■ Attach video to any board image
■ Easily create profiles to personalize and manage multiple users
■ Save an unlimited number of boards for multiple children or different routines 
■ Speaks boards out loud with pre-recorded audio 
■ Time saving essentials like search and auto-save
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks app users 
■ Ability to print boards or save as PDF

Cost: €7.99

Choiceworks would be so useful for all children with Autism but especially for non-verbal children so that when on the go, you wouldn’t have to carry around a PECS book as it would be all contained within this APP.


I would love to hear your recommendations for Autism APPS! What have you found useful? Which APPS do your kids love to use? Please comment down below or over on my facebook page. It is always great to get parent feedback as Autism is a learning journey we are all on! 

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Thanks for reading. 



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