How Much Toilet Paper To Use

How much toilet paper to use can be confusing for some Autistic children.

autism toilet paper

We can use Visual Supports to help Autistic children understand how much toilet paper they need to use when wiping after passing a wee/pee or poo/poop.


In this post you find a free set of How Much Toilet Paper To Use visuals you can download and use to support your Autistic child.


There are two sets of each visual support so you can use the wording that is familiar to your child whether that is pee/wee or poo/pee.

Free How Much Toilet Paper To Use Visual Supports

Decide upon which “How much toilet paper to use” visual will support your child’s learning and information processing style.

Then teach and model for your child how much to toilet paper they need to use.

You can print and laminate the How Much Toilet Paper To Use visuals and attach the one you have chosen to wall below the actual toilet paper at the length you think is appropriate.

Support your child to practice using the visual and model using the visual for the child so they can see you and then mirror your actions when accessing the toilet paper for themselves.

You can find your FREE Visual Supports HERE.


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