Autistic Identification

Autistic Identification Is Life Changing – Fact.

If I could make one wish and for it to come true for my gorgeous boys it is that they grow up knowing exactly who they are and that they are incredibly proud of themselves as autistic individuals.

So many go through life feeling misplaced, alone, trying so hard to fit in but never getting it exactly “right”.

So many of our children and young people are suffering, feeling lost and alone.

Many spend their entire lives trying so hard to fit in, when in actual fact they are so unique they were never meant to blend in but were born to stand out.

For my little boys I hope I can guide them to understand how incredible it is they are so unique and that there is no one in the whole world like them.

That being different is a good thing.

Autistic Identification

Understanding that I am autistic has changed me as a human being. I am kinder to myself, accept myself and I don’t try to fit in any more. I love that I am different. I wish I could tell the little Amanda she was perfect just as she was and she didn’t need to change one thing about herself.

All I wish and can hope for is that I can be there for my own little boys in helping them to understand what being autistic may mean for them and for them to embrace who they are and be so incredibly proud of themselves.

I know for me what has made a huge difference as an autistic person is listening to and speaking with other Autistic individuals.

Autistic Identification is life changing.

I love you my gorgeous Conor, Jack and Max 💜💜💜

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