Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head Free Printable

Mr Potato Head has been a huge family favourite in our home all down through the years.

My gorgeous Max will ask everyday for Mr “Tayto” head and off he will go to the home school room to take down his boxes of Mr Potato Head.

autism friendly home environment

Mr Potato Head AAC Communication Boards

My eldest son Conor is non speaking and using an AAC device to communicate. I designed Mr Potato Head AAC communication boards to support my gorgeous Conor’s communication. Max is a gestalt language processor and he also enjoys using the Mr Potato Head AAC Communication Boards.

free visual menu autism

In my home, my children are multimodal communicators and as a result I do my best to ensure I provide opportunities for all forms of communication to be available to them. AAC Communication Boards are an excellent resource to support communication.

Mr Potato Head AAC Communication Boards

Autistic Play

Autistic Play is unique and with that in mind we don’t have “traditional” views on play, instead we embrace the authentic Autistic play my beautiful sons engage in. Using the Mr Potato AAC Communication Boards supports their authentic play styles.

Mr Potato Head Toy Companion Play Activities

When Hailey was small we used to play lots of interactive games using Mr Potato Head. I have designed a set of Mr Potato Head Toy Companion Play Activities. This activity set first appeared on Little Puddins back in 2015 and I have updated it for 2024.

Mr Potato Toy Companion Activities

Free Mr Potato Head Schedules and Task Cards

I designed a Mr Potato Head schedules and task cards set for my gorgeous Jack. He just like his two Autistic brothers is a visual learner. He thrives on visual information for learning.

Free Mr Potato Head Printable

You can get your free Mr Potato Head Printable here.

free visual menu autism

Happy printing.

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