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Greetings are an activity that are an essential part of daily life skills that we all take for granted.

My oldest son Conor is almost 9 and is non speaking. Just before Christmas 2018 he said his first words, one of which was “Hi”. I have been encouraging him at every opportunity to speak and use his voice.

One way that is great to support and scaffold his interactions is through the use of visual supports. I created these Greetings Visuals Supports for Conor and his little brother Jack.

I wanted to make it a fun activity that they can both carry out along side their big sister Hailey. I placed the Greetings Visuals just inside the front door of our house and the entrance to our Kitchen.

We use these every day now, and Jack’s favorite Greeting is to choose “Fist Bump”, Conor’s favorite is “Thumbs Up” and Hailey’s favorite is “High Five”.

It really is lovely to see them interact with each other and it has become like a game as they enter the Kitchen in particular.

I think these are a great activity for the Classroom as well as the home. I would love to see photos of how you use them so feel free to send them to me over on my FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM.

CLICK HERE for your free download.

Greetings FREE Printable
Autism Visual Supports FREE Printables
Autism Visual Supports FREE Printables

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