Autism Holiday Checklist


Autism Holiday Checklist

Autism Holiday Checklist – an older post I wrote a number of years ago that I have updated this very moment.

Lived Experience

As an Autistic parent to three Autistic sons I feel I have learned a lot over the years when it comes to going on holidays as a neurodiverse family.


When preparing the Autism Holiday Checklist I wanted to update some of the items that had been included in the original FREE Autism Holiday Checklist PDF resource.


The original FREE Autism Holiday Checklist is a number of years old – so it was time for an update. I have created several posts on supporting Autistic children during the holiday period. I will add links here to some of the posts that you may find helpful.


I have also created a number of social stories and free Summer Holiday Countdown Resources that you may also find helpful.


Autism Holiday Checklist

The Autism Holiday Checklist is a 3 page Free PDF resource which you can use to identify key items you may need to consider bringing with you on holiday if you are supporting an Autistic person.

It covers three key areas, namely:

  • Communication
  • Sensory
  • Additional Items.


The Autism Holiday Checklist is non-exhaustive and should be used as an inspiration guide on what may be useful to bring with you. As with all resources designed to support Autistic individuals, you will always want to individualise the information you garner from the resource to the support needs and requirements of the Autistic person.


I would love to know what items you think are essential when deciding on what is important to include in your own Autism Holiday Checklist. You can comment below or over on Instagram or Facebook

You can download your Free Autism Holiday Checklist here.

Happy printing!

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