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I created these FREE Calm Down Cards for my son Jack. Jack (4) struggles with Anxiety and will stay awake at night worrying about things that I or you would not think twice about. He self harms with his anxiety and has had panic attacks where all I could do was hold him and keep talking to him, telling him to breath and count.

He is only 4 years old now, I fear for him for the future when he is faced with social pressures that all children/teenagers face as they grow up. I don’t know how he will cope but I am trying to put in place some strategies that have been recommended to me by fellow parents who have children older than Jack who have anxiety and also suffer panic attacks.

I remind myself often that if Jack is worrying about something then it is a BIG deal, even if it is something I would never have thought would make anyone worry (like going to a Halloween Party), I take it seriously and I try to help him through it. 

I have suffered from anxiety in particular since my Son Conor was born. He was born with Special Needs and to this day cannot speak and requires 24/7 care. He can not be left on his own. On a daily basis my anxiety can take hold as I worry about what will happen in the future, in particular as I and Conor age. How will I help him? How will I manage? What happens when I am gone? 


When I see Jack struggle, I feel to blame on some level as I suffer with anxiety myself and feel maybe he has these struggles because of me? I know that is irrational but that is how I feel at times. 

I use some of these Calm Down Strategies myself when it gets too much. I find going for a long walk really helps to clear my mind. 

I created this Calm Down Cards so Jack can bring one in his pocket. I printed mine off, cut them and then laminated them. I tell him to use his Calm Down Card and he will take it out and for now will look at the pictures as he is learning to read but cannot understand all of the words, so the visuals are a great help. 

He will usually go for Deep Breaths and use counting as a tool as well. I also like that the Cards are brightly colored so they help him to visually focus on something while he tries to calm himself down from an anxiety or panic attack. 

Free Printable Calm Down Cards

You can grab your own FREE DOWNLOAD of Calm Down Mini Cards here.

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