Autism Summer Strategies


Summertime can be a wonderful time of rest and relaxation, adventure and exploration for so many children. It can also be a time of change and transition.

For Autistic children, change and transition can be upsetting.

Autism Summer Strategies

When we consider the Autistic neurobiology we know that many Autistic
children thrive on sameness and routine.

It can seem as though it is almost impossible to create sameness and routine for Autistic children during the Summer holidays but there are some useful
strategies you can put into place to support them.

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Autism Routines

Autism Summer Strategies in the little puddins house, we have activities that take place each day regardless of whether it is a weekday or weekend.

Sensory Play

Each day the boys have water sensory play in the morning and afternoon. They have tabletop sensory play in the home-school room. They have quiet time, where
Jack will relax on his beanbag in the home school room, Max will play with his toys and Conor will listen to his music.

Daily Routines

They each relax away from each other. We keep to the same bedtimes religiously
since the boys were born. They each know the order of the routine from morning to night, breakfast, lunch, and dinner happen every day at the same time during the summer.

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Using Visual Supports and Schedules is also helpful in supporting Autistic children to understand what is happening each day and also to pre-empt any moments of confusion and abate anxiety.

Autism Special Interests

Supporting Autistic children to engage in their SpIns is very important daily. For me as an Autistic adult, SpIns help me to develop expert knowledge in areas of interest and supports my development of sense of self.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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