Apps for Autism

apps for autism

Apps for Autism

Apps for Autistic well being are vital. Autistic people face a constant barrage of ableism, judgements and negative attitudes. The metanarrative from mainstream society dictates that Autistic people are less and that “we” need to work harder to “fit in” with main stream cultural norms and expectations.

Metanarrative on Autistic Existence

This is entirely dehumanising and stigmatising for Autistic people and their families. Little thought has been given to the effects of ableism and societal judgements and attitudes on Autistic well being.

Although many non-Autistic people and organisations are trying their best to effect positive change and provide positive accommodations for Autistic people, they are for now, the minority effecting real change.

apps for autism

Apps for Autism

As an Autistic person I often try to block out the negativity and find that equilibrium wherein I feel calm, centred and grounded. One way that helps me relax and feel calm is through the use of Apps.

I have curated a list of Apps that I think you may find helpful that I use or that have been recommended to me by Autistic friends.

I have also created a PDF download of this post so you can download your Apps for Autistic Wellbeing list.

Apps For Autistics

All of the Apps listed below are available on IOS. Many of the Apps will be available on Android. I am an IOS user and so the Apps chosen will primarily be available on IOS.

finch app autism

Finch App

Android and IOS. Self Care Journal and Habit Tracker

Sweepy App

Android and IOS. Home cleaning scheduling app – turns cleaning in to a game.

Fluid App

Android and IOS. Interactive visual stimulation app that relieves stress.

Better Sleep App

Android and IOS. Supports calmer, better sleep.

Antistress App

Android and IOS. Interactive fidgets and games to help alleviate stress

Heat Pad App

IOS. Reacts to your fingers to create patterns of different modalities such as rainbows and flames.

Mesmerize App

Mesmerize combines engaging visuals with relaxing music and expertly crafted guided meditations to give you an all encompassing meditation experience.

tappy fidget app

Tappy Fidget

IOS and Android. Tapping and sliding with incredible haptic responses and delightful sound effects.

apps for autism

You can download the full list of Apps mentioned in this post here in PDF format.

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