AAC Symbol Based Communication

AAC Symbol Based Communication

As a parent to a non-speaking teenager and as a professional working with and supporting non-speaking individuals, I understand he importance of AAC symbol based communication.

I have curated a short list of graphic symbols (pictograms) that are commonly used in aided AAC ools and resources.

As a parent and as a professional I have used a number of the graphic symbols listed below and in recent times have become more familiar with the rest.

Graphic Symbols for AAC

To represent words, ideas and messages visually we can use 2-dimensional graphic symbols (pictograms). In the short list I have curated the graphic symbols I am using most often currently are Arasaac. They are modern and offer a variety of edits options.

In the past I have used Boardmaker and Smarty Symbols, both of which offer a variety of graphic symbol imagery including full colour and black and white.

what is gestalt language processing autism

Some of the graphic symbols on the list are free and some are fee based. For parents starting out I recommend Arasaac. A free graphic symbol based resource which also offers free templates.

Some of the graphic symbol providers charge a once off fee or a monthly subscription. Ensure you read the descriptions of each product description to ensure you purchase the option most suitable for you and your loved ones needs.

Free AAC Symbol Based Communication Resource

You can download your Free AAC Symbols for Communication here.

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