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I remember years ago when Conor was born, I searched and searched on line. I tried to find one other person like me who had an infant son newly identified as Autistic. That was almost 6 years ago now, and when I searched, there was no one or at least no person or group I could go to for support.

I had a gorgeous little baby boy, who couldn’t sleep, eat, no long spoke, could not sit, stand, walk or crawl. He was unable to communicate, he had high levels of anxiety, hated going outside the house, feared meeting anyone new. I Loved my beautiful Conor so very much but I was so lost.

Parents of Autistic Children – Just like me

I remember some years later meeting a parent for the first time who had an Autistic child. Suddenly I didn’t feel so alone in my search for resources and advice to support me in helping my lovely Conor. Now I knew at least one other person and finally I had someone who I could relate to and who could relate to me.

When Conor was very small I had little opportunity to go out and about to meet other parents so online forums like Facebook groups and following parents of Autistic children online really helped me.

I have decided to create a list of support groups online that you can request to join. I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

I will update this list from time to time when I find new groups to recommend.

Autism / Neurodiverse Support Groups

Irish Autistic Parenting – an autism-positive support for mothers and carers of autistic children.

Autism Families Ireland – an autism positive support group for families of autistic children.

Cottage Autism Network – an autism positive support group for parents of families of Autistic children and teens in Wexford

Mallow Autism Parents – an autism positive support group for parents of families of Autistic children

DA Crossroads Group – a disability positive support group for parents of disabled teens

This is Me – a neuro-affirming group for parents of neurodivergent children, teens and young adults

Parent Led Autism Network – an autism positive group for families of Autistic children, teens and young adults.

D12 Autism – an autism positive group for families of Autistic children, teens and young adults.

Autism Inclusivity Group – an Autistic-led group for parents and caregivers of Autistic children to ask questions of Autistic adults.

Ask me, I’m Autistic – Ask Me I’m Autistic is a place for asking questions of Autistic people. 

Online Support Groups

Cerebral  Palsy Ireland Family Group –  online support group for parents, family members and people with cerebral palsy living in Ireland.

Epilepsy Ireland –  online support group for people with epilepsy

Irish Fragile x Society (IFXS) – to raise awareness of fragile X.

Kids with Epilepsy Ireland –  a group set up by parents of children with epilepsy in Ireland.

Raising a Child with Down Syndrome in Ireland  for parents and guardians only, to discuss and ask advice about raising children, teens and adults with Down Syndrome in Ireland.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland Parents Group – support group for parents (ONLY) of children with spina bifida and/ or hydrocephalus living in Ireland

As noted above I do not know of every invaluable online support group so if you would like to have your group appear on the above list or a support group you are a member of please leave a comment below in the Comment Section of this Post and I will update the post regularly as I learn of new Groups.

Many if not all of the above Groups have strict admission policies to their groups. When you click on the button to enter the group ensure you check your “other” folder on Facebook Messaging Tab as it is routine for Admins on most groups to email potential new members to ensure they are adding themselves to the correct groups. Most if not all will not accept you to the group if you do not reply to the Admission Email.

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  • Maria Banville November 16, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Cottage Autism Network, Wexford
    A parent-led support group for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Angela at Daysinbed November 16, 2015 at 10:36 am

    fabulous! This is a great resource to share! Thanks for raising some awareness for disability and special needs.

    Angela from daysinbed

  • Jane February 4, 2020 at 10:36 am

    Hi there, I am a parent of a 10 year old diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. I have not been able to find a support group or courses that would allow me to better understand and support my child. I’m doing the best I can at present to keep the boat afloat so to speak. He has had a block session with ot last year which did help a lot. However I feel left alone to get on with it. I completed the maria cassidy programme which also benefits my son. Are there any local support groups for parents.
    Many thanks

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