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When I started my Blog almost two months ago, I could never have imagined what was about to happen. I started the Little Puddins blog to support families just like my own who are learning for the first time that their child is Autistic or perhaps they are finding that they are facing a challenge just now and do not know where to turn.

When Jack was identified as Autistic, I realised that there still wasn’t a huge resource of support for families just like my own. So I set up the little Puddins blog to support families and help provide support where I could.

Recently I was asked to appear on Ireland Am. I was delighted to be asked but also very nervous as it would be my first television appearance. I didn’t have to be worried, all of the staff and guests were so welcoming and kind.

With Kevin Whelan, CEO of Irish Autism Action 2015

During one of the commercial breaks I met Alan Hughes, he is so tall and just as friendly as when you see him live on air. Sinead Desmond is so friendly and beyond beautiful when you see her in person. I was so nervous I didn’t even think to ask for a photograph with them.

Oh the glamour lol!
Having my make up done at the studio.

A producer came over and put a “mike” on me and I knew then it was too late to run off lol Mark Cagney came straight over and shook my hand. He was just so friendly and so nice. Between Mark and Kevin I really felt at home. I sort of forgot that I was sitting on the set of a television program I watch every morning.

Mark was so nice, he said to forget about the cameras, to just focus on why I was there; that really we were just having a chat and that in my own life I have faced much tougher situations. He was so right.

Live on Ireland AM
Live on Ireland AM

The segment before mine had gone over time so Mark said we wouldn’t have long but I didn’t mind I was glad to have the opportunity to even be there at all. Mark said some really lovely positive things about children and adults who are Autistic and Kevin highlighted the serious lack of services and the fact that when raising Autistic children, not only is there a need of support for the Autistic child but also for the family too.

Once it was all over we left the studio and went back to the greeting area. Mark came over to me, chatting for a while before he was whisked off again for his next segment. He was incredibly kind and generous. I had such an amazing experience on the show and am so glad I had the opportunity to speak up for my little men and Hailey.

With Mark Cagney, a gentleman
With Mark Cagney, a gentleman

So many lovely parents have contacted me since asking for advice and resources. I was so exhausted after the last two weeks of travelling that I am only now getting back to a normal routine. So in the next few weeks I will be uploading new posts covering topics that have been requested together.

I never imagined starting a Blog would lead me to where I am right now, in a position to help families just like my own.

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  • Sarah Folkens March 31, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    Hi, I am Sarah from South Carolina. May I read your social story as part of a video lesson for parents? Of course, I will give you credit.

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