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119_ireland-am-logoWhen I started my Blog almost two months ago, I could never have imagined what was about to happen. After being told that day back in June to prepare ourselves; that our lovely baby Jack was going to be diagnosed with Autism, I cried my heart out. A diagnosis that my lovely sweet baby Jack would have special needs and would struggle on some level everyday of his life broke my heart. 

He would always be my lovely Jack, nothing will ever change that,  but having already lived this life for so long, having seen and heard what Conor has gone through, I felt lost suddenly. Could I really do it all again, could I be strong for Jack aswell as Hailey & Conor.

I knew I needed to focus and get my mind. my heart back on track, to be strong again. I realized that I could help other people in my position going through what we are going through and so The Little Puddins Blog was born.

From the very beginning it has been a roller coaster, a phone call the last week has changed everything for the better, for good. A member of Staff from Ireland AM contacted me and asked if I would like to appear on Ireland AM to talk about my Blog and about raising children with Special Needs.

I was so nervous to say Yes and almost said No, but thought this is a chance to talk about Autism, helping to raise awareness about the real struggle so many families go through every single day. So I said Yes, got off the phone and almost keeled over with the fright lol!

Cocktails are always the answer apparently
Cocktails are always the answer apparently

I traveled to Dublin the night before and met up with one of my lovely friends who in her unique wisdom told me the only way to prepare for your first national LIVE! television interview was to have a cocktail or two the night before to help settle her nerves and mine too if I had time lol! So we went to a fabulous Steak House, had some steaks and cocktails.x

It was actually a great idea as I had no time to worry about what I would say or do the next morning. The next morning after getting ready myself and my lovely friend made our way to the TV3 Studios.

We arrived at 6.45 am and I was met by some really friendly Guest Greeters, they had teas and coffees ready for all the Guests coming on the show and showed me where I would be going for Hair and Make up. There were huge television screens everywhere so the waiting guests could watch the show as it went on. This actually made me more nervous lol as I could see my time slot coming closer as the minutes went by.x

With Kevin Whelan, CEO of Irish Autism Action

Kevin Whelan, the CEO of Irish Autism Action came over and introduced himself. He is such a gentleman, he actually knew about my Blog, and we chatted about Conor & Jack along with changes to the preschool system in relation to children with Special Needs. He was so personable to chat to, I forgot for a while, why we were both there, it was like chatting to a friend over a cup of tea. Such a gentle man, I won’t ever forget meeting him I think, he was so kind and has such a heart for children and adults together with their families who struggle for support and services they vitally need.

During one of the commercial breaks I met Alan Hughes, he is so tall and just as friendly as when you see him live on air. Sinead Desmond is so friendly and beyond beautiful when you see her in person. I was so nervous I didn’t even think to ask for a photograph with them.x Maybe next time lol!

Next I was rushed off to hair and make up! As I already had my make up on, the make-up artist just used some powder and then touched up my hair.

Oh the glamour lol!
Oh the glamour lol!

Once I was finished with Hair and make-up it was time to go on!! The show had just gone to commercial break and I was lead in along side Kevin to the studio! The first thing I noticed is how warm it is in there! All the cameras and set lights generate such heat! It was really cozy though too!

A producer came over and put a “mike” on me and I knew then it was too late to run off lol! Mark Cagney came straight over and shook my hand. He was just so friendly and so nice! Between Mark and Kevin I really felt at home. I sort of forgot that I was sitting on the set of a television program I watch every morning!

Mark was so nice, he said to forget about the cameras, to just focus on why I was there; that really we were just having a chat and that in my own life I have faced much tougher situations. He was so right.

Live on Ireland AM
Live on Ireland AM

The segment before mine had gone over time so Mark said we wouldn’t have long but I didn’t mind I was glad to have the opportunity to even be there at all. Mark said some really lovely positive things about children and adults with Autism, Kevin highlighted the serious lack of services and the fact that Autism affects more than just the child/adult it affects the whole family.

I was so nervous throughout the interview I can barely remember what I said lol! My heart was pounding in my chest, all I could think of was my little family back home in Mayo watching and hoping I made them proud. I haven’t watched it back yet as it is such a strange feeling to see your self on one of your favorite programs talking to your favorite presenter! Il watch it back someday lol!x

Once it was all over we left the studio and went back to the greeting area. Mark came over to me, chatting for a while before he was whisked off again for his next segment. He was incredibly kind and generous, I was so star struck lol! I had such an amazing experience on the show and am so glad I had the opportunity to speak up for my little men and Hailey.

With Mark Cagney, a gentleman
With Mark Cagney, a gentleman

In particular Hailey is thrilled I told the nation she is in love with Niall Horan as she hopes he will see it and come down for a visit lol! I better tell her not to wait by the door too long lol!

So many lovely parents have contacted me since asking for advice and resources. I was so exhausted after the last two weeks of travelling (we have been Concerts and a conference and a Fund Raising Charity Night) that I am only now getting back to a normal routine. So in the next few weeks I will be uploading new posts covering topics that have been requested together with some new posts.x

I never imagined starting a Blog would lead me to where I am right now, but I am so glad it has. I owe a massive thank you to my family, my husband, my beautiful children, all my friends and followers for always looking out for me and supporting me.x I always say where would I be without you and that is so true.x

As always thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the web. xx


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    Hi, I am Sarah from South Carolina. May I read your social story as part of a video lesson for parents? Of course, I will give you credit.

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