Autism Puberty Resources

autism puberty resources

Autism Puberty Resources

I recently had a little extra free time to update Puberty Resources I designed several years ago. They have been sitting on a hard drive for some time, many initially for my gorgeous Conor to help support him to understand what would happen during puberty.

I will be updating further Puberty Resources as the weeks go by, so check back to this post where I will be adding links for various resources.


Autistic Boys Puberty Resources

Below you will find a series of Autism Puberty Resources for boys. If you require a specific autism puberty resource, please contact me through my social media and I will do my best to update the autism puberty resource list here.

Autistic Girls Puberty Resources

The first in a series of girls puberty resources, hand drawn by me. Each resource is designed specifically for Autistic teenagers and will contact imagery of body parts.

This list will be updated regularly.

I hope you find this resource list helpful.

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