Love without a Voice

Love without A Voice.

Written by Amanda Mc Guinness.

I long to hear the “I love you’s”
With lots of kisses, or just a few,
A lingering hug, a wave or two,
Anything at all, as long as it’s from you.

I don’t mind the day or time,
I will wait forever for a sign,
That you know how deeply I do,
love every single inch of you.

I watch your eyes as I know you do,
look deeply into mine too,
Your little smiles, your gentle looks,
Fill my heart & keep me hooked.

Waiting patiently everyday,
For your voice to find it’s way;
To fill my life and heart with love,
A sign that there is an above.

I love you now and I will love you still,
Whether that day is to come or it never will.


Writing as a Therapy.

I have always found writing Therapeutic, a way of putting down into words how I feel/cope with the special needs journey and all that it brings with it along the way. I wrote this poem late one night when all were in bed and I stole a few moments to journal. I am sharing my poem to help raise awareness of the inner turmoil parent’s feel/face when their little one cannot speak. For Conor & all children/adults with Special Needs, I will wait forever to hear your sweet voice.x

For Conor.x

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