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Halloween Ready

Hall Prep

Help your child to be Halloween Ready

Halloween can be the most exciting. spooky, fun, adventurous time of the year for children. They will dress up, play party games, go trick or treating,  eat heaps of delicious sweets, go to Halloween parties and have heaps of fun. Children of all abilities want to have fun and be able to experience the same playful milestones we have all experienced growing up.  [Read more…]

Mayo Autism Support



The one thing I will always remember about the  day I was first told my lovely Conor has Autism was that over whelming feeling of fear followed quickly by the absolute devastating feeling of being alone. Just under 5 years ago when Conor was first diagnosed I did not know one other person on the planet my age who had a child with special needs let alone Autism.  [Read more…]