Halloween Social Story

free halloween social story

Free Halloween Social Story

Halloween can be the most exciting. spooky, fun, adventurous time of the year for children. They may dress up, play party games, go trick or treating,  eat heaps of delicious sweets, go to Halloween parties and have heaps of fun. Children of all abilities want to have fun and be able to experience family traditions like Haloween trick or treating.

Autism Friendly Halloween

For some children it can be an overwhelming time, sensory differences, and the unpredictability of Halloween can lead to anxieties and meltdowns.

You can support your Autistic child by preparing them for what to expect by using Visual Supports such as Social Stories.

The unpredictable nature of Halloween with all the spooky costumes, all the painted faces, noises, lights, carved pumpkins, it  can be a frightening time.

Free Halloween Trick or Treating Social Story

I have designed a free Halloween trick or treating social story for you and your family to support you this Halloween.

Happy printing!

You can find your free Halloween social story by clicking here.

halloween pic

I have also created a Visual for you to share on all Social Media Platforms to help raise awareness for all children with Special Needs this Halloween. I would be so thankful if you would share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so to help raise awareness so all children can have a very happy Halloween.

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