Where are the Little Puddins

Changes to Little Puddins are afoot!

Where are the Little Puddins

The newest member of the Little Puddins Family: Max

A huge ‘Hello’ to readers past and present. You may have been wondering of late, Where are the Little Puddins ? ❤️ 

You will, I am sure by now, have noticed how quiet littlepuddins.ie has become over the last almost two years. Despite my not updating the website I was shocked to discover the other day, that in the last couple of years the website has been viewed almost 300K!! That is without new content!! So it absolutely has blown my mind! A huge thank you to all who keep checking in to see if there was anything “new” on Little Puddins or if there were any changes to Little Puddins. 

Where are the Little Puddins

Conor enjoying spending time with his little brother Max

WELL, there have been quiet a few changes on my side of the computer screen. None more significant than the arrival of gorgeous Baby Max. He made his appearance in August 2017 and has turned our world upside down in the most positive of ways ever since. 

I was quiet seriously ill all through my pregnancy with Max with a number of complications ( I will talk about that in later posts on the Blog), and that is one of the primary reasons behind my not updating the website in the last few years. I was hospitalized during my pregnancy several times and had to have a planned induction as a result. 

I plan to write a series of catch up posts in the coming months once I am back to blogging full time; about what has been happening since you last heard from me on here. So keep an eye out in the next few months for that update. 

You will notice as well that the website is under going a much needed make-over. I will be working away on that slowly at night time once my little ones are in bed. 

Where are the Little Puddins

As always if there are topics relating to raising children/adults with or without Special Needs you would like me to write about and explore as a parent raising children with/without additional needs, feel free to send me an email to amandalittlepuddins@gmail.com❤️ 

I look forward to catching up with you all very soon.


Where are the Little Puddins

Good bye from Jack and I for now.


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