We are back on the Autism Road

Back on the Autism Road

Jack is finding his way in our world.x


Starting Over

This week a new chapter in Jack’s short life has begun. A step in the right direction for him and us as a family but in another way it is sort of bittersweet. I am so glad for him that Conor’s amazing Resource Worker “Mary” is back in our lives and is here to help Jack just as she helped Conor starting out all those years ago yet it makes my heart so sort of feel heavy for a moment. I didn’t think we would ever be back here again but here we are.x 

Mary worked tirelessly for years with Conor, he transformed before our eyes, from a little boy who could not leave the house, couldn’t have anyone touch him, who was so lost, so afraid, to a little gentleman who loves school, loves his teachers, loves learning and has learned to love life again.x I want and hope the same for Jack.x

My little puddin playing on his ipad.x

My little puddin playing on his ipad.x

The difference between now and when Conor was starting out all those years ago is that the services aren’t there anymore. Jack will only receive two hours per week of help and the rest is up to us to help our gorgeous boy. When Conor first received “help” he would see Mary up to 3 times per week, have Speech Therapy every few weeks, see an Occupational Therapist, and a Physio. Now due to the immense pressure on services, the over whelming amount of children with Autism now in the County, we don’t know when he will see an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Therapist or Physio.

It is a sign of the times when Parents of children with Special Needs become their children’s only HOPE. As a parent you will do anything you can to help your child to succeed, to be happy and to have the best chance they can at life. When your child is born with Special Needs, your world becomes a mind-field of unknowns, unhappy realities, living nightmares, glimpses of hope, dreams of change and equality.

Jack on the day he was born.x

Jack and Daddy on the night he was born.x


Jack is entering a new chapter in his life, where he will (hopefully) learn to communicate on some level, learn life skills, learn to become independent, but above all else learn to live a happy life as best he can. I feel the pressure of the responsibility that weighs down on my shoulders now, knowing that the “help” isn’t really there like it was many years ago. At the same I feel so lucky as at least to some extent I know what I need to do right now with the help of Mary to guide me along the way.

Conor has helped us to navigate the Autism Road over the years, in a way it was a blessing in disguise that Conor was exhibiting the signs of Autism so fiercely because when I look back now and see how much we have overcome as a family so far I know deep down we will get through this next chapter of our family story.x

The two best friends.x

The two best friends, Hailey and Conor.x

I feel for the new parents starting out, as parents just like myself who already have some experience in what we need to do, can hit the ground running. But what about the new parents? I feel for them and hope in some way through my Blog Posts I can help them have some insight, some hope and friendship. I hope I can point them in the right direction and give advice when I have it.x

I plan to write weekly posts from now on what Conor and Jack get up to each week, so that hopefully by sharing their journey it will help a fellow mother or father struggling. I don’t always have the time I wish I had in the day to write all the posts I wish I had time to write, but as the boys get older I will find the time I need to help others.x

If you are starting out on the Autism Road, don’t feel alone, there are thousands of parents just like you. There are links in the Menu Bar above on my Blog and also in the “Tag” section there are differing links that will send you in the right direction.x

I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing and courageous parents since starting out all those years ago and I will always be thankful to them all for their friendship and guidance when I needed it most.x

Baby Jack.x

Baby Jack.x

For me Autism is Love, it has taught me how to love my life now just as it is, love my children just as they are supposed to be, love those that love me and forget those that don’t. I may not love Autism everyday, but I love my children with and without Autism endlessly. x

Me and my little puddin Baby Jack.x

Baby Jack and Mammy.x

We are starting out again together, there will be bumps and twists on the road ahead, but as long as we have each other we have everything.x

As always thank you for stopping by The Little Puddins Blog.x Hailey, Conor and baby Jack send you a hug of thanks for helping to raise awareness for children just like them and for families living with Special Needs today.xx

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