To throw or not to throw

Autism Challenging Behaviors


As part of my Friday Freebie series I also like to create “requested” Printables. I was contacted recently by a Parent who needed some Visuals to explain to her child where he can and cannot “throw” objects. Her little boy has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and one of his most favorite things to do is to throw objects.

If you didn’t know about SPD or Autism you may think that this little boy is just being “unruly” or “untidy”. In fact by “throwing” objects he is getting great Sensory fun, as the sounds the objects make when they fall give him great auditory input together with the sight of the objects falling help him to Visual Sensory Relief. Slide1

To throw or not to throw

His mother noted that when he would become very stressed out his most favorite thing to do would be to “throw” objects, ie toys, books, wooden blocks, primarily heavy objects that gave a great “clunk” when they would hit the ground. She noted that after he would spend some time throwing he would become relaxed and more at ease again.

There are many reasons a child will throw objects the most important being for FUN!.x Conor loves to throw as well and we have been working hard to help him learn to throw in a safer way but still get the sensory relief he needs. We are helping Conor to carry out his throwing in a more functional way, for example throwing heavy objects into a box instead of sporadically around his bedroom, it is a tidier way for him to do what he wants but also a safer way for everyone else so they do not get hit by random flying objects.x Slide4

As part of my Friday Freebie series this week I have created Visuals for this lady which may also be of use to you and your children. She needed signs that would designate areas where her son could carry out his “throwing” and also Visuals to use within his PECS book so he could request it together with Visuals to let him no there would be “No” throwing at this time. Slide2

She also needed a very basic Weekly Schedule together with Days of the week. I have created both with her son in mind but have made them readily available for all through a free download which you can find here.

If you would like to request a Friday Freebie Printable to help your little person please feel free to message me over on my Facebook page which you can find here.

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