IMG_4299Before I was a mother, before I was a wife, I was me. That sounds strange to read and even stranger to write. What I mean is that before I took on all the roles I have now in my life I started out as me. There is one thing I have always surrounded myself from as far back as I can remember and that is “words”. I love to read, write and learn. I have always found it so easy to learn something if I have an interest in it. I am inspired by learning and more particularly I am inspired by words, quotes, books, poems, novels. My safe haven has always been between the pages of my next good “read”. 

I was at the cinema recently and I bumped into two of my most favorite childhood friends (Orla & Keira I am talking about you both xx), we had such a blast chatting. One of my lovely friends said to me that I was always so happy & positive when I was younger and that despite everything that has happened since with my Boys I am still the same now. After we said our goodbyes it got me thinking, what keeps me positive and it is now what it has always been and that is words. The most simple quote can be awe inspiring, heart igniting; positivity packed. Autism Awareness_04

I always try to see the good in the world, even in a bad situation a quote always seems to come to my mind, luckily for everyone else I have learned to not spew quotes at any given moment but they fleetingly float around the inner corners of my mind many times a day.

One of the focal points or purposes in fact of my Blog was to inspire, to encourage and hopefully to enlighten. A new series I am starting to day is called Thoughtful Thursday. Each Thursday I will post a quote or a short poem or an extract from a text that I find inspiring or that has a great meaning for me personally. By sharing my Thoughtful Thursday post each week I hope to inspire others to think, feel and act more positively, to help them find what keeps them motivated. Autism AwarenessH

When you have children depending on you to be there for them, you have to stay as motivated as you can. I always try to see myself from their perspective, try to feel in my heart what they feel in a given situation. I think as well since becoming a Mother to children with Special Needs my own perspective has changed drastically, no longer taking anything for granted. Loving those who love me, letting go of those who don’t, not with malice or ill intent, just letting go of negativity as much as possible as my life has no room for that now. I can only be at my best for my family if I am focused and do not look back.

What happens in the past should always stay in the past, do not let it predict or rule your future. Having a positive “can do” mindset has helped pick me up off the floor when I found myself lost in those first few months after Conor’s initial diagnosis, helping me to eventually get back to being me. xAutism Resources

For this weeks Thoughtful Thursday post my favored quote is “What makes you different, makes you beautiful”. I love this quote for obvious reasons, I have two gorgeous boys who most definitively are not like any other little boys I have ever met. I love their differences, their peculiarities. I love that Conor loves red, he loves lights of any kind, he adores music and his favorite singer is John Legend! The song “All of Me” is one of Conor’s favorite songs of all time, the minute he hears that song he starts to bust a move, a never ending smile appears as he giggles away to himself.

Jack is a little buster, he is so different to Conor and to any other boy his age I know. He loves order, he likes planning, he likes things to be just so. He also loves to have one object in each hand and he loves the color blue. He likes music too but mostly he loves number or phonics songs. He doesn’t like the letter “F” I am not sure why but when he hears it or sees an dancing “F” on the television he gets a very cute but very cross look on his face and it makes me laugh lol! as  I wonder to myself what did the letter “F” ever do to baby Jack lol!  Both my boys are so different and I think I love that the most about each. Autism pieces

Hailey is so different to any other little girl I know. She wants to be a Ninja when she grows up so she can be a superhero! She loves to draw and will make the most amazing heart felt pictures with very cute notes attached. She is very kind hearted and sometimes this leads to her being hurt by some of her friends but still she sees the good in them even if they haven’t been so kind to her. I love that about her. She has an equally amazing best friend Frida and I always think she would be lost without her as Frida is so different to any other little girl her age too! She is a real character too with such a sensitive sweet soul! Such a thoughtful little girl with a heart of gold.x

My Thoughtful Thursday quote for this week keeps me positive in remembering my Boys are different and that is a really good thing.xx What inspires you to stay positive? x

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