The Hit List

Post Box Game

Post Box Game

Following on from my Review the other day of Orchard Toys “Farmyard Friends” Game I recieved many emails asking what games Conor first played with from Orchard Toys. There are so many brilliant games available on their website that it would be so hard to narrow it down to just a few games. I have created a short post on a few of the first games we used with Conor all those years ago.

What worked for Conor may not work for your child as all children on the Spectrum have different needs, preferences, wants and abilities however I cannot recommend Orchard Toys highly enough as they are created with fun & learning in mind for children of all abilities.

When first starting out Conor was hesitant to try anything new, infact he can still be that way and that goes for Toys too. I would recommend if your child has little interest at first in a new game try to introduce it from time to time. Forcing a toy on someone who is hesitant to try new things will only have the opposite effect to what you want. Give them time to explore the game, looking at it, touching it and so on.

If they have a keen interest in a certain topic/way of playing try to encourage that when introducing the new game. Conor loves to “post” items in to boxes so straight away I knew that many of Orchard Toys games would be exactly what he loved most and it was a great way to encourage him to interact with us.

This Post will focus solely on Orchard Toys however I will be creating a new Post about First Toys that Conor and Jack love to play with. It will give you some ideas on possible toys to think of when your little people want to try new toys for fun and learning.x

Focusing on Orchard Toys “The Hit List” that Conor loved when he first learned to play with others-

The Post Box Game

Post Box Game

Post Box Game


A fun, first colour matching game made especially for little hands.

Match letters to the coloured post boxes in this single player activity or multi-player game.

Develops color recognition. hand/eye co-ordinationm, helps to  develop social and personal skills and encourages observational skills


Farmyard Friends


2-482-children-playing-farmyard-friends-1373-standardA first matching and sorting game.

Match, sort and post your favorite farmyard friends in this single player activity or multi-player game.

There are two ways to play this reversible game and it helps to develop hand eye co-ordination develops shapes and matching.

I have written up a comprehensive Review of this Toy, just click on the Review tab above to read what we thought about it.x


Farmyard Heads and Tails




A fun first matching activity that develops into a game as your child grows in confidence and ability.

Farmyard Heads and Tails is a simple game, which toddlers can enjoy on their own or with other players.

Featuring twelve farm characters and objects to match, the game encourages observational and memory skills whilst introducing very young children to the concept of turn-taking!

The big, wipe-clean cards are ideal for little hands.

This is a great little game for children starting to learn about matching and sorting. I know that Santa will be bringing this game to Baby Jack this year .x

Pirate Shapes

Orchard Toys Review


This is an excellent game that Conor is using at the moment. It would be a little advanced for a First Game but I think it deserves a mention as it is more challenging then most “shape sorting” games but created so cleverly.

It helps to develop Color co-ordination, personal and social skills, develops shapes and matching skills together with observational skills. It is a great game that challenges Conor to think what shapes actually match by carefully looking at the pieces for their colors, detailing and shape.

The game if aimed at children aged 2+ and is suitable for 2-4 players.

Two by Two

A Noah’s ark memory game, where in your child is asked to pair up the animals and post them into the big 3-D Noah’s ark, then find the rain cloud to make the ark sail away. Hands down Conor’s most favorite game of all time.x



A brilliant game that encourages your child to match the animals that are the same thereafter posting them into Noah’s Arc. The game encourages Matching/Memory skills, Personal/Social Skills, together with observational Skills. It is suitable for children aged 2+ and can be played by 2-4 players.


Conor has used this game so often that Santa will be bringing Baby Jack a new version of this as Conor’s one his is pride and Joy. I don’t think he would be too happy if Jack claimed it for himself lol!x

That concludes my short post on The Hit List – Conor’s most loved and used Orchard Toys games when first starting to learn and love to play with others..x If you would like to find out more about Orchard Toys Games you can find more at their website here.xx

Disclaimer- I was not asked to write this post by Orchard Toys.x I was contacted after a recent Review Post by parents of children with Special Needs who requested a Blog Post about recommended first Orchard Toys to try out for their children.xx

As always thank you ever so much for stopping by my little corner of the web.x I hope you found this post helpful.xx If you would like to find out what we get up to most days in The Little Puddins House pop over to our Facebook Page to find out.xx


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