Ten Things About Me

Ten Things about Little Puddins

If you are on Instagram come over to follow me there. I was recently tagged in a Ten Things post. So here are ten things about me: 

1. My name is: Amanda …. I am married and have 4 children -Hailey 10, Conor 8, Jack 5 and Max 1.

2. Before I had children I worked in a Law Office and was on my way to qualifying as a Solicitor. I primarily worked in Family Law, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence and Probate. I loved every minute of it.

3. I always wanted to help people, I have been drawn to help others all of my life. 

4. I gave up my Law career completely on the birth of my oldest son Conor as he was born with a catalogue of special needs conditions. His birth changed every single thing about me as a person and as a mother.

5. I have known hard times: I struggled with my mental health on the birth of my son Conor and for many years after.  I struggled again during my pregnancy with my youngest son Max as I was seriously ill throughout my pregnancy with Hypermesis and felt totally useless as I was unable to do all I would normally do for my children. 

6. I have known Happy Times: especially on the birth of each of my children. Watching them grow into who they want to be, has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my life so far.

7. I have no idea what is popular or fashionable 🙈 My life revolves around research, learning, therapies, appointments, caring for my children, trying my best to be a good mother. 

8. I used to love clothes, make up and have nice hair styles 🙈 I couldn’t tell you when I last bought new clothes as to me a new jacket or pair of nice shoes is the difference between an extra therapy appointment for one of my sons that could help them speak or overcome a challenge ❤️ I love to see my family and friends looking beautiful in their nice outfits as it reminds me of a different time and a different me that used to be.

Ten things about me as a mom, raising children with Special Needs.
Ten things about me as a mom, raising children with Special Needs.

9. I am exhausted but I am happy ❤️ Hailey took this photo of me this evening. I have been having migraines all day long and the pain in my eyes is horrendous but I was happy holding Max this evening watching Mickey Mouse as he has just mastered holding his own bottle. It was worth it just to sit there with him watching him make progress as I know what it is like to wish for progress with Conor for years and find none.

10. I feel lucky to have a blog and be able to touch lives by helping in any small way I can. I feel lucky to have some of the kindest and thoughtful friends around the world who I have yet to meet in person. I feel lucky to have the love I have in my life and hope you have it too.

Thank you for reading. 


If you would  like to find out more about Little Puddins, you can find that here. 

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