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Ten Things Pregnant
I love my son Tommy, don’t get me wrong. I love that pregnancy gave me this beautiful little boy. He is my heartbeat, but pregnancy? It was hard, possibly one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. I think a lot of mums are afraid to admit it out loud, well I will say it for you: Pregnancy is hard!  Having my son makes it worth every single second of those pregnancy months, but I struggled at times, I did, and I know I am not the only one.  

“You wanted this” that phrase used to make me fume. The hubby to be would use it whenever I complained about pregnancy. I wanted a baby, I didn’t want all this that came with being pregnant.

Truth is I didn’t quite realize what I was getting myself into. It wasn’t all fun cravings, excuses for being lazy and glowing skin like I expected. There’s a lot they don’t tell you about being pregnant. Here are just a few:

1. Morning sickness 

Or in my case “OMG I’m gonna puke” runs to the toilet in a rather dramatic fashion, only to spend the next 5 minutes hung over the loo, wretching and heaving but no sick. Give up, walk back to where you were originally only to repeat 2 minutes later. I think dry-heaving could quite possibly be up there as one of the worst parts of being pregnant.

2. Morning sickness Pt.2 

Who named it? Forget the ‘morning’ it should be called every moment from the second you wake until you finally fall asleep sickness. But maybe that doesn’t have the same ring to it. It was relentless and it was torture. I just wanted to eat something without the fear that at any moment I would see it again at the bottom of the bowl.  

3. Aversions 

So during the so wonderfully named ‘morning sickness’ stage, I couldn’t eat anything remotely tasty. If it’s wasn’t plain and boring, you could guarantee it would make me heave. I basically lived off unseasoned chicken breast and oven chips for 4 months. I called those months the “beige” months as everything tasted “blurrrgh or blaahh”. There was no variety and there was no taste, but it stayed down so that was all I could eat. 

4. Aversions Pt.2 

Not all aversions were just things I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even think, touch or look at some foods without doing that glorious run to the loo. And you can imagine with me working in food retail, I got the best tuts and eye rolls as I “diva-ishly” told my colleagues they would simply have to put that box of cheese on the shelf for me. And still to this day I can’t eat feta. 

5. Lack of sleep 

If it isn’t the discomfort of a beach ball inside you that’s keeping you awake, it’s the heartburn, constant need to pee, or anxiety of ‘what if my baby doesn’t like the color that I’ve painted the nursery?’ 

6. Exhaustion 

So as if the lack of sleep wasn’t bad enough, you’re now at work, looking exceptionally tired, and a smug mother to teenagers is telling you “it’s all practice, you’ll never sleep again” shut up Sandra, pay for your toilet roll before I take it off you and use it to make a bed behind this counter. If people could stop using that phrase that would be great!!! Yes she may have been right, but did I need to hear it while pregnant and exhausted? NO!!!

7. The Mental load 

I use this phrase because you basically go mental. Looking back maybe it was heightened anxiety but in reality  there’s so much to do; to plan, to clean, to buy, to prepare.

When I first hit the nesting stage I wrote a list. Sounds normal? I wrote a list of all the list I needed to write and each list had at least 2 sub-lists within it. I would being carrying on with my normal day to day routine when I would start to worry had I x y z on the list, surely the baby would need these things done before he arrived. It was madness but I can see now I was just so looking forward to having my baby, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. 

8. The Heavy load 

All those times you couldn’t be bothered in work, and now you actually just want to get on with it, just to take your mind of that list that needed rewriting, and no one will let you. “Don’t lift that”… if by ‘that’ you mean this clenched fist, then let me get on with my job and I won’t lift it into your face. Yes I was that annoyed, maybe more so with my body as I wanted to do all I had normally done for myself but now I couldn’t with an ever swelling belly.  

9. The Mood Swings 

I was convinced during my pregnancy that I was lucky not to be having any mood swings… reading back on this post, I may have been wrong. I think there were times I had a short fuse. (See No. 6 & 8 as examples lol!) 

10. The End 
You spend so long hating pregnancy it’s hard to see the end. Once that little baby arrives; it all disappears like magic. No more sickness, any food will do, the heartburn gone, just like that.
And as for that never sleeping again Sandra, yes, baby may want night feeds and occasionally wake for a cuddle, but I still sleep a million times better now than I did when pregnant. 
Best advice I was ever given by a fellow mum: “don’t be so tough on yourself, pregnancy is hard but it is so worth it”. I couldn’t agree more. 
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Leah is Tommy’s mum, but she is also Leah. Leah likes scenic walks with her fiance and ending up in a country pub. Tommy’s mum likes sensory play and blogging about dirty nappies. You can find out more about Leah via her blog Little White Boxes and her Instagram.
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