Autism and Christmas

“Christmas” in every house is different. Whether you have a child(ren) with Special Needs or not, the expectation to create a “perfect”Christmas for your family weighs heavy on us all… View Post

Ten Things About Me

If you are on Instagram come over to follow me there. I was recently tagged in a Ten Things post. So here are ten things about me:  1. My name… View Post

Gifts for Children with Disabilities

  Every year parents just like me struggle to find Christmas Gifts for their children with Special Needs. Parents contacted me recently over on my Facebook page asking if I… View Post

Santa Letter FREE Printable

A Free Printable Santa Letter, created for children with Special Needs so they can write/draw or glue in pictures of gifts from Santa they want. I created this Letter as… View Post

What is AAC?

AAC Alternative Augmentative Communication AAC is Communication. It is an alternative form of communication to the spoken word. It allows your child access to the  world around them, that verbally… View Post

Sensory Meltdown or Tantrum

Do you know the difference between a Sensory Meltdown and a Tantrum?      As a mom of two boys with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, Meltdowns have become an “unwelcome”… View Post

Sensory Processing Disorder Red Flags

If you are reading this article I suspect it is for one of two reasons (or both): 1. Your child has been diagnosed as having a Sensory Processing Disorder and… View Post

Children’s Books about Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder seems to have become a buzz word recently but if you have been living with it in your family for as long as we have (almost 10… View Post

Children’s books about Special Needs

Children’s books about Special Needs is an excellent way to encourage child to be inclusive, empathetic, understanding and welcoming when they meet other children who are different to them.  If… View Post