Autism Communication Passport

An Autism Communication Passport is a key component to helping your child transition to school for the first time. An Autism Communication Passport can also be used with a student… View Post

Communication Journal

Communication between school and home is so vital when you have a child with additional needs. I first learned about Communication Journals when my oldest son Conor started in Knockrooskey… View Post

Communication APPS for Autistic Children

I get asked a lot what Therapy APPS we use with Conor on his Ipad. We have used various apps over the years but the ones he is using right… View Post

Conor’s AAC Adventure

On Tuesday we had our first AAC appointment with a Specialist Team that came down from Dublin to meet Conor. The appointment was arranged by a HSE Speech and Language… View Post

Conors fight

Conor’s Fight to find his Voice. I think one of the absolute hardest parts about Autism for me as a Mum is not hearing my children speak, not hearing their… View Post

We love Orchard Toys

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Love it or hate  it Social Media has a lot to answer for. For the great many Parents of children with Special Needs; Social Media has brought to the fore… View Post