Autism and Christmas

“Christmas” in every house is different. Whether you have a child(ren) with Special Needs or not, the expectation to create a “perfect”Christmas for your family weighs heavy on us all… View Post

Conor Finds His Voice

This boy I am sitting with in this photo is the only reason I am still here ❤️ We have been through so much together from the very start, the night he… View Post

Sensory Gift Ideas

It can be so difficult trying to find the perfect Sensory Gift when you don’t know where to start. I have two sons with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Despite… View Post

Pregnancy Social Story

A new baby brings change and upheaval into your home. If you have children with Special Needs this upheaval and change can be felt more acutely! As a Mom of… View Post

A is for Autism

From the moment Adam was born, I knew. There was something, my mother’s instinct kept nudging at me, telling me the way he was struggling went far beyond how most… View Post

What is AAC?

AAC Alternative Augmentative Communication AAC is Communication. It is an alternative form of communication to the spoken word. It allows your child access to the  world around them, that verbally… View Post

Autism Diagnosis led me to help others.

  Hi, I am Natalie, a mom of two boys. My son’s Autism diagnosis has changed my life and led me to help and empower other parents around the world.… View Post

Changes: Max and more.

A huge ‘Hello’ to readers past and present ❤️ You will, I am sure, have noticed how quite has become over the last, almost two years. A new addition… View Post

It is not your fault

It can be bittersweet sometimes watching the boys as they play happily on their own. Peeping through Conor’s bedroom door I watch as he happily throws his Angry Bird Teddies… View Post