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Would you like to write for Little Puddins? As you may know if you have been following Little Puddins, I have in the last few months been super busy giving it a facelift. I have added new sections like “Guest Posts” and taken some sections away that I am not as inspired to write about.

You will notice that the website has sections dedicated to:

Mental Health/Self Care/Parenting/Pregnancy/Newborn/Toddler Years/School Age/Craft and of course Special Needs (the list in non-exhaustive).

I have expanded the sections the website will now cover as in my own life these are “topics” I live daily and I plan to write more about those myself. 

As a result I am always happy to have Guest Posts that fit with the family centred outlook of Little Puddins. 

If you feel you have something you would like to write about, get in contact with me via amandalittlepuddins@gmail.com  

If you are a first time writer, don’t be shy in letting me know that, in your email. I edit all the content that appears on Little Puddins so if you struggle with spelling/grammar (who doesn’t from time to time!), do not feel overwhelmed, I will edit your submission so that it falls into line with what Little Puddins is all about: honesty, helping others, love, family, positivity and awareness. 

By sharing your story you may just be helping another person on this planet who in that moment feels the way you do and needs to hear they are not alone in whatever situation they find themselves. 


You can of course come up with your own topics and I am always welcoming of original content inspired by your experiences.  

Being honest about life’s hardships do best on Little Puddins. Sometimes social media can make you feel someone else’s life is so much different and better than yours, when in reality everyone struggles at some point in their lives. 

Anonymous Posts are welcome too! If you feel that you right now for  whatever reason do not want to have your public name/social media account accompany your post, that is okay! You can use a Nom de Plume (a pen-name), but you may find the whole writing experience so therapeutic and should be so proud to put your name out there with your work! It is totally up to you.  Just be sure to make it CLEAR in your email if you do want to remain  Anonymous.

Here are just some suggested sample topics, these apply generally and are not specific to Special Needs, they can cover any range of topics : 

  • Advice to another parent on a child related topic or a post on life as a parent (Moms/Dads/Care Givers and Step-Parent Posts are all welcome)
  • Mental Health/Self Care.
  • Being a Mom (consider all topics covered by the Parenting Tab in my Menu Bar)
  • Feelings of Loss (have you lost someone close to you? Writing can be an emotional release you need and it may just help clear your mind) Do you want to tell others about the amazing person you lost and the positive impact they have left on your life and your outlook?
  • Tragedy (Have you faced a tragedy in your life that you are now coming to terms with and feel you can share your experiences, in the hope you can help others in a similar situation?) 
  • Funny Stories: Did something happen in your daily life as a parent that made you stop and realise that YES life is hard but just sometimes Kids can make you laugh in the most unusual circumstances.
  • A Letter thanking someone who has made a difference in a positive way to your life. A Letter to someone who was THERE for you when you needed someone most. 
  • A letter to your child on any range of topics. 
  • As a parent my “Ah ha” moment, where everything started to make sense after a struggle.
  • Craft/Arts & Craft/Rainy Day Activities/Tutorials.
  • Your own Topic- email me with a submission idea and I will get back to you!

How to submit your story:

To submit your story, you need to do the following:

  1. Include a Bio (2-3 sentences about your self, written in the third person (ex: Amanda is a busy mom of 4, she writes for Little Puddins on the daily etc) and include any social media links (hyperlinked) you may wish to have on your post)
  2. A Suggested Post Title (this may be edited by me so that it is optimized for sharing)
  3. Post length should be between 600 and 1000 words max.
  4. Photographs: Are a must as Readers love to see photos. But if for some reason you feel uncomfortable with using photographs because of their personal nature I can arrange some stock photo content. However personal photos always do best. 
  5. Send your post by either a) copy and pasting it into the body of your email to me or b) by sending me a word document that is editable. Do not send a PDF. If your post has appeared anywhere else online previously, please send a link with your submission

Please note that all Guest Posts will be edited by me personally before they will appear on Little Puddins. 

Email your submission to amandalittlepuddins@gmail.com. I will contact you on a return basis if your work is being considered for Little Puddins. Please note that if for some reason a submission is not accepted, do not take this too personally. It may be just that I have already received too many similar submissions on the same topic, so always send another if you have more you would like to write about.  

I look forward to hearing from you!


Amanda. x

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