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It has been just over a week since all the schools in Ireland closed.

I have spoken to so many parents online who are panicked and feel underpressure to replicate “school” at home.

The reality is, you most likely won’t be able to replicate what your son or daughter has come to understand as the “school system”.

If I can give you one piece of advice it is that, you don’t have to replicate school at home.

Of course you will want your child to continue their education but do not put yourself under duress. Do the best you can, you know your child best afterall.

Here at Little Puddins HQ, we have a Homeschool Room and if you have been following me on social media you will know that I regularly educate my children at home.

In a sense we were prepared for the schools closing as we have a homeschool room packed full of educational resources.

However I do not believe that the only way to teach and engage a child is at home, sitting around the table surrounded by books.

Real life, hands on learning is super important too!


With that in mind and knowing my children’s love of the outdoors I created a Scavenger Hunt Printable (free to download at the end of this post). What was supposed to be an hour long activity outdoors ended up surpassing the three hour mark!

It started out as a Scavenger Hunt but ended up being an education on topics such as:-

  1. Road Safety
  2. Numeracy
  3. Literacy
  4. Biology
  5. Climate Change
  6. Clothing & Weather
  7. Environment
  8. Kindness to our planet and all living creatures
  9. Physical Education (think lots of running and climbing!)
  10. Social Skills

They actively learned so much more than they could have, if sat at the table looking at books.

I noticed when they came home they were still talking to each other about the different aspects of our excursion. If they had spent their time at home learning at the desk I know this would not have happened.


So yes, homeschool has its place at the table but also outdoors too! Don’t be afraid to get creative and not just stick to the rigidities of book learning!

Watch our homeschool videos from our excusion here.

You can download your FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt here. If you do decide use it, I would love to know how you got on, so please send me a DM over on Instagram or tag me in your posts! Happy Hunting!!



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