Reward Chart Free Printable

Rewards and motivators really work in our home to encourage the children’s positive behaviors. A Reward Chart is an excellent visual tool to have in your arsenal as you teach your child how to behave or how to work for something they really want and earning “tokens” along the way as they near their goal of obtaining what motivates them most.

This Reward Chart Free Printable is suitable for any child whether they have special needs or not. I made the visual layout super simple to understand so that children of all abilities can use it. 

As this will be a visual used everyday I would recommend printing it off on card stock and laminating, thereafter attaching Velcro coins.

Reward Chart


To download you can either click on each Visual, then right click copy & paste on to a Word Document. The Reward Chart is the first printable you need to download, the premise is for your little person to gain 1 star at the end of everyday for their good behavior, at the end of every week they will have collected 7 Stars and this will lead to their obtaining a chosen Star Prize.

Or you can Download your Reward Chart here

Token Board


I created a Visual with Star Tokens and Number Tokens to be used with the Reward Chart. Starting off it would be easier to introduce the idea of a Reward Chart by encouraging the child for example to collect two stars for good behavior before they can have their chosen Star Prize. As the child’s ability to follow the schema increases you then augment the time frame/star token threshold to be obtained before the Star Prize can be achieved.

Reward Chart

To help your child understand what they are working for I have created a separate Visual where you use the Number tokens and your pictures. The premise here is to attach a number beside the star and thereafter adding a picture to the right of the “equals” sign. This will explain to your little person that for example 7 Stars = ________ . As Conor’s favorite activity is throwing objects into water in his case I would include a picture of a his water table to explain that 7 Stars = Water Table.

I hope find this Printable useful.x If you have any trouble downloading the Reward Chart please feel free to message me over on my Facebook Page for a PDF copy that I email free of charge to my Facebook Followers. 

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