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Recently, I asked parents on my Facebook page and in a Special Needs forum, to recommend tried and trusted websites where they purchase gifts/toys and special needs products for their family members and/or friends

I decided to create a Go-to List for parents to have to hand instead of searching Google when they were already up to their eyeballs caring for their kids. I just wanted to have a place with that vital information for them when they are under pressure and want to look up some great websites for items they need.

Below you will find that list and if you have any website recommendations please feel free to comment below or over on my Facebook page and I will amend the list to include your recommendations.

The websites listed may not all be Special Need specific websites but are websites parents trust as a go to when they need products. My advice to you is to visit the websites and judge for yourself.

In no particular order below are the websites recommended by fellow Special Needs Parents:


Irish Websites:

Adam and Friends



UK Websites:


Special Needs Toys

Shipping Costs from the UK:

I know that a lot of UK stores will only ship to inland UK addresses, however you may be able to have them ship to your address in Ireland by using:

Address Pal- find out how here.

DPD Parcel Wizard- find out how here:

Parcel Motel: Find out how here:

If you are unsure how to use these services, contact the service providers via their website.


Shipping Time and Stock

My advice would always be to double check shipping times whether you are purchasing from an Irish based website or abroad. It is also worth double checking their stock levels.

I ordered gifts from a website for Conor in December some years ago and to my dismay they did not have the stock to meet the order. It was a disaster; I ended up panic shopping the week of Christmas trying to get substitutes for what I had originally planned to get for him.

I received a full refund etc but at the end of the day it was the last thing I needed to happen. I have not listed that website here as I believe they are no longer trading.

Always double check the website’s shipping times and stock levels especially if you need the items urgently.


The above lists are just recommendations, my best advice is to go onto the various websites, price check, contact them if you are unsure and make your own judgement.

Look online for discount codes (they are few and far between I know, but when you find one it is gold dust!).


The above lists are non-exhaustive, I am happy to update them with additional information, if you have any recommendations of websites Irish or other wise I would love to hear about them and I will include them here.


Happy shopping!



Special Needs Toys


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