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free printable autism downloads

I have decided to compile a list of some great FREE AUTISM Printable DOWNLOADS that I have found and used myself on occasion or that I have printed off for later when Conor and Jack are ready to use them. Happy printing.

Daily Schedule

Having a Daily Schedule for your child with Autism is so important for predictability and routine. It can also support children to learn about independence and to make them self reliant as they grow up. You can find this brilliant free printable here.

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Learning Responsibilities

Conor loves to throw his clothes when he is getting changed in the morning or at bedtime, you can find his socks anywhere.

Well he doesn’t love picking them half as much. So part of his routine everyday is to learn to pick up after himself. I have in the past created a Chart for him.

You can find your printable chart here.

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Emotions and Feelings

It is so important for children of all abilities to be able to communicate how they feel. I try as much as I can to understand Conor and his feelings.

autism siblings support

Ultimately I want him to have a way to express his feelings so we can better communicate and understand each other. File Folder Heaven has a wealth of Free Online Resources that I go to from time to time. I recently came across there Emotions Download and wanted to share it here online with you. You can find the download here.

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Fun with Songs

We love music in our house. Conor and Jack both adore nursery rhymes and when things go awry here, there is nothing like a nursery rhyme to distract one or both of my lovely boys.

I found this great printable resource online which has clear visuals and wording so you child can see and read what the song is all about. You can find your free printable Song Books here.

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LEGO Printable

If you regularly follow The Little Puddins Blog then you will know we are huge fans of LEGO. Jack likes to build towers of LEGO and Conor likes to knock them down! It is a team effort lol!x If you have a child who really likes LEGO then I feel they may like these FREE Lego printables.

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Being able to identify and understand/discriminate that more than one object can in fact be the same “thing” is so important for all children to understand. has created this brilliant printable Sorting Freebie for children with Autism.

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I found this printable a little while ago and even though it suggests using the printable with Play dough (which is a fab idea), I would use it without Play dough for now with Conor as a matching game, to help him match up the same emotions and to help him understand what they mean.

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You can find your free Emotions Printable download here.


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