Pregnancy Social Story

Pregnancy FREE Social Story

A new baby brings change and upheaval into your home. If you have children with Special Needs this upheaval and change can be felt more acutely! As a Mom of 4 I have learned the hard way that, bringing home a new baby to a special needs household can in my case go one of two ways. 

With Conor, the arrival of Jack (from what I can remember), wasn’t totally chaotic, he accepted Jack was part of our family from the get go. Now he didn’t bother with Jack, he just would look at him from time to time and might stand beside me while I fed and changed Jack. He may have been more upset than I knew but on the surface and in his behavior I remember thinking it wasn’t going to be as traumatic as I had worried it would be. 

Flash forward to baby Max being born! If there was an emoji for “UH OH!” I would insert that here. Jack took it all very badly: that he had been usurped by a bald crying baby. Until Max was born, my-self and Jack were a tag team, doing everything together, reading our books and watching his cartoons, going for walks and making dinner.

Once Max arrived home, that all changed for a while. We have gotten back into our routine now (Max is over 1 year old) but it was tough going in the beginning. He didn’t like Max, and would keep saying “No Max, No”, “Max get out”. Obviously I kept a close on Max when Jack was around him, but for the most part Jack just didn’t want to have anything to do with him. His behaviors in general increased and there was a lot of screaming as he tried to regain control. Thankfully we had his Therapist Keira on hand to help us navigate the situation. 

Pregnancy Social Story

I do wish now looking back that I had created a Social Story explaining what would happen so Jack would have been better prepared. Hindsight is a great thing! 

Recently a lovely Mum contacted me and asked if I could make a Social Story around the idea of a Mom having a new baby and that the Mom would return from the hospital. I was delighted to be able to help, having gone through the chaos twice with my own boys. 

You can download your FREE Printable here

I hope you find the Social Story  helpful. If you have any requests for up-coming Social Stories and/or Visuals, please contact me over on my FACEBOOK page or send me an email. 

Thank you for reading and sharing.x


Pregnancy FREE Social Story


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