Positive Parenting


6 Things you should always say to your child.

Positive self-esteem is so important.

How many times as an adult have you doubted your-self or felt “not-enough”? The same is true for children. I know at times Hailey will come to me with self-doubt, saying something she has made is “rubbish” (she’s is really into Arts and Crafts) or something she has written is “no good”. 

In those moments I can say to her “it is brilliant! You did your best and I love you!” but on days I am not with her as I am so busy with the boys going to therapy appointments or medical appointments, I want her to know in those moments, I think of her too. 

Often when she least expects it I will put a surprize in her pencil case or in her lunch box, just so she will get a surprize at school and know that I am thinking of her. Other times I will leave a new book she has been asking for, under her pillow or a new movie that is on dvd I have heard her mention in passing she wants to see. 

Other times I leave notes in her notebook so that someday she will turn a page and there I’ll be giving her a written hug to let her know how much I love her and believe in her. 

As a sibling to brothers with Special Needs the truth is sometimes she gets left behind in the chaos and the stresses so I am always conscious that I want her to feel important and know  that she matters just as much too! 

I created these FREE Printable Positive Parenting download for Hailey so I can cut them out and laminate them and pop one in her books from time to time or pop one in her lunch bag, so when she least expects it she will get a hug from me and know that I was thinking of her that day when I put her surprize note in her belongings for her to find. 

You can grab your FREE Printable Positive Parenting Download here. 

Help your child's self-esteem FREE PRINTABLE

I would LOVE to hear what you did with your Positive Parenting download! Send me pictures over on my Facebook page and if you would like me to I will post them on my page!

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