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The other day over on my FACEBOOK blog I shared a photograph of some handwriting printables I created to help my son Conor with his writing practice and pencil control. I asked Rraders of my blog if they wanted me to make it a FREE DOWNLOAD of the resources here on my website. I was met with a resounding YES!

I created the Pencil Control Practice sheets for Conor as he struggles so much to write and struggles to write his own name. He has various special needs conditions including Hypotonia which means he has to work extra hard in order to be able to learn to write. You can read more about what we have been doing to help strengthen his hands and his low muscle tone HERE.

I use reusable pouches for Conor’s handwriting practice. It means I don’t have to keep printing off the same sheets of paper as he uses them. I simply print off one copy and insert it into the pouch. He then uses a dry erase marker to write over the dotted lines.


A follower over on Little Puddins Facebook commented and recommended using a highlighter over the dotted lines before he writes on them. I have been doing this since and I really feels it helps him visually when tracing letters.

He is most proud I think of being able to “write” his name. I am hopeful that with a lot of practice he will get there.

I know so many children who struggle like Conor so I have created this post with them in mind and here you will find links to 10 Free Printable Resources that are available online including my own.

The websites linked below have been recommended by fellow parents who have used them in the past for Handwriting/Pencil Control Practice Sheets.

10 FREE Pencil Control Practice Printables

Little Puddins Pencil Control Printables

I hope you have found this post helpful! If you have any recommendations for other websites that provide FREE PRINTABLE Handwriting/Pencil Control Practice Sheets please comment below or over on my Facebook page.


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