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Social Stories for Autism

A Social Story is descriptive, short; situation-event or activity focused guide. It will provide specific information on what to expect during a particular situation, event or activity and why.  Social…

Starting School Checklist

Starting School Checklist Whether it is your child’s first day starting in a new school or your child is about to return to school following the holidays; transitioning to school…

Autism Hand Dominance

Guest Post: Linda Keogh OT – Hand Dominance Strategies and Activities A huge thank you to Occupational Therapist Linda Keogh for her guest post as part of the Little Puddins’…

Teaching Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns & Autism Many children, like my son Jack who are Autistic, struggle to understand what may be considered “abstract” parts of speech & language such as personal pronouns….

Greetings Visual Supports

Greetings are an activity that are an essential part of daily life skills that we all take for granted. My oldest son Conor is almost 9 and is non speaking….

Autism Visual Supports

Autism and Visual Supports in our house, go hand in hand. Both my boys rely heavily on Visual Supports to help them understand the world around them. I have recently…