Old Mac Donald had a farm

Old Mac Donald had a farm

As promised in my Wheels on the Bus Free printable download post, here is the “Old Mac Donald” Interactive Nursery Rhyme Printable suitable for children (with and without) Autism. 

I won’t go into much detail here on how to use this printable as it exactly the same idea/method as was explained in the Wheels on the Bus Printable Download.x

Old Mac Donald Printable

Giving your child the power to choose

As mentioned in my previous Wheels on the Bus post, I created a “communication” style board for Jack so that he could use his own “voice” to decide what animal he wanted me to sing about next in the song. this helped him to have more control and feel more “part” of the fun.


Old Mac Donald Printable

Matching from left to right is so important


I then created a “matching” printable so that Conor and Jack could practice their “left to right” co-ordination and also it gave me another chance to incorporate “labelling” into an activity with them.

Old Mac Donald Printable

PECS pics for Conor to use with his “I want” sentence strip

I created this printable visual specifially for Conor so that I could cut out each square, laminate them and then offer them to Conor to “choose” along with his “I want” sentence strip.

As always here is your free Printable Download to use with your child or student who is on the Autism Spectrum.

Happy printing! x

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