Newborn Essentials

Having had four children I feel I have learned a thing or two. I am sure I have a lot still to learn but when it comes to Newborn Babys, I feel I have found my feet. I have used a lot of products over the years and some have been a waste of money while others have been a godsend! It all depends on what your needs are as a parent and of course what are the needs of your baby.

Baby Essentials

Below you will find a short list of 10 Baby Essentials that for each of children during their new-born stage I relied on heavily.

Ten Baby Essentials


Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida by Fridababy

As a first-time mom I had not heard of a nasal aspirator (well that was almost 11 years ago). How-ever by baby number 4, I knew what it was, had to have it and knew all about it. I bought the Nose Frida in one of the first baby hauls I did while I was pregnant with my youngest (Max).

I used the aspirator to suck out lingering mucus from Max’s nose, when his nose would become blocked and congested. It helped to clear his nasal airway and I found when his nostrils were clear he slept better. I would recommend always following the Manufacturers Guidelines regarding use and safety.


Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Projector Soother, Owl

Literally the best thing as a Mom of four I ever bought! As you can imagine a household with four children is busy, add in the fact that two of the four have special needs and you can imagine the level of noise that occurs on the daily.

While pregnant with Max I was quite anxious about whether he would be able to have peaceful sleep once he came home from the hospital as our is very busy and very loud!

I eventually chose the Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Soother. As I trusted the Skip Hop brand having bought their products for years I knew that it would be good quality and be reliable! I was not let down. Max is over a year old now and uses this for his day time nap and we leave it on in his room all during the night on a low volume setting.


Sterimar Nasal Spray.

Each of my children struggled with congestion especially at night and first thing in the morning. I have relied on Nasal Spray with each after they were recommended by my Paediatrician.


Angelcare Bath Support an excellent support for holding baby in place while you wash baby. It is super soft and is perforated ensuring baby is sitting in warm water the entire time while in the bath but also that baby is getting that support he/she needs while bathing. (Never leave a baby unattended in the bath regardless of what product you purchase to help with their bathing). 


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

Most new moms know about the Perfect Prep, but I have to say it was not until I was late into my pregnancy that I learned of it. It was recommended to me by a friend. It is the most useful baby purchase I have made. At night when Max was younger, we would bring this into he bedroom plug it in and when he would wake for his feed we would make it super quickly using this machine. Same during the day! I could not have been without it!

Newborn Baby Socks

Newborns are not able to regulate their body temperature for quite awhile so I always put socks on the baby over their Babygro. I only buy socks in the “new-born” size to begin with as their feet are super tiny and narrow. 0-3 months socks usually swim on their feet and will not stay on.


Baby Beanies

Similar to baby socks, I always ensure my new-born babies wear hats so they keep nice and warm, until they are able to regulate their temperatures. I also like to ensure the hats are not too tight on their heads and I always cut of the clothing labels as I feel it would be irritating against their scalps.

Muslin Cloth/Swaddle

We use these every day even now that Max is one! We call them “clawcheen” (our own made up word for them). The kids have all used them as comforters and we use them for tucking under their chins when they are having a bottle so they don’t dribble on their clothes.

You can get them in extra-large sizes too: so you could use them as a swaddle too.


Fairy Non-Bio

With each of my children I relied on Fairy Non-Biological Detergent to wash all their bed linen and clothing. I have super sensitive skin so I imagined that a new-born would have too and have always used this product without fail. 

Aveeno Baby Wash

We have used Aveeno for years here with all the children. I have psoriasis dermatitis prone skin so I am conscious of not wanting to use anything on their skin that may irritate it. We also use Johnson Baby wash and I love the Night time lotion in particular.

I hope you will find the Baby Essentials List helpful. It is just a snapshot of a few items you will most certainly need.

I would love to hear what your recommendations are for Newborn Babies in the early days! What were your go-to products?

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