My Special Book

Helping children learn about themselves.

I created “My Special Book” to help Conor learn about himself in an interactive manner. As he is non-verbal (not speaking yet) and uses visuals (pictures) to communicate I knew I would have to incorporate these two important factors into this learning tool.


I called it “My Special Book”, because it is and will be unique to Conor and to each little person who uses it. I have created one for Hailey as well even though she is able to read/write and speak as she likes to be involved in some of Conor’s activities. As the weeks go by and Conor is able to master each section I will upload new sections here for you to download for your self as part of my Friday Freebie Series.

To create “My Special Book” all you will need is-

♥A printer

♥Display folder

♥Velcro coins

♥Printer Paper


I bought the display folders I will be using for this Freebie in Tesco Claremorris for €1.50. It has clear pages and I liked the fact that the front of the folder has a display pocket where I can place an insert which clearly labels what this particular folder is  about. As this is a new learning tool I will be keeping it basic to start to encourage Conor to use it and achieve success easily as this will keep him motivated to continue further with the learning activities.

Conors name and age

Conors name and age

Conor knows all the alphabet, numbers, colors and all his shapes so to begin with I will be leaning heavily on what are his academic assets. The first section of “My Special Book” will encourage Conor to learn to recognize and spell his name, learn his age, gender and eye color. Once I am sure he can master this section we will move on to the next. Slide3

I did not include an alphabet printable as part of the download as you will be able to easily create your little person’s name using Word thereafter printing off and laminating each individual letter.

Gender and Eye Color

Gender and Eye Color

The printable is very basic but is the perfect way to encourage little people to learn about themselves and their identity.

If you would like a copy for your little person you can download your free printable here

I hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Freebie. Coming up next week is a Toilet Training Printable.

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