Mr Potato Head Free Printable

Mr Potato Head Free Printable


Mr Potato Head Free Printable is actually a Printable I had on my website many years ago when I started blogging. I have updated the Mr Potato Head Free Printable and you will find the download link later on in the post.

I am currently working on another Mr Potato Head Free Printable to go along with this one, and that should be up on the blog in the next few weeks. 

Choosing Body Parts

In this Printable you will find three different activities that you can use with an actual Mr Potato head or with a printable version that you have already laminated. If you don’t have a printed and laminated Mr Potato Head but would like one, I will include one in the next Free Printable in this particular series. 

Mr Potato Head Free Printable

The first activity contained in the Free Printable download is a choice board. This is suitable for children with or without special needs. You will find that a great many children will enjoy using this Communication Mat. You need to print it off in color and then laminate. 

The idea behind this is that the child/adult will point/say/communicate in their own way which part they would like to use next when putting Mr Potato Head together. 

Matching & Identifying the Pieces 

An alternate use for this Visual is to actually print off and laminate two copies and you can cut out the squares of one and use it in a matching activity. A great way to build on their language skills and their hand to eye co-ordination.  

Mr Potato Head Free Printable

Depending on how Mr Potato  you have (We have five!) and how many pieces of Mr Potato  you have this next Printable: Mr Potato Dice can be super fun and a multiplayer game that can be played on until all the pieces are used up. 

Mr Potato Dice

It is a great activity for encouraging hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, language and numeracy skills. It can teach some great social skills too, such as waiting, turn taking, winning and losing (who ever gets all the pieces in first wins). 

Mr Potato Head Free Printable

I can match

The final installment in this bundle is an I Can Match printable. A brilliant and quick activity to do at home or do in class as part of a lesson plan. 

You can get your FREE Mr Potato Head printable download here.Mr Potato Free Printable here . 


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