Autism Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year I struggle to find gifts that Santa can bring that my sons with Special Needs will actually really like and will use.

Santa brought a lot of lovely gifts for the children this year. I find that no matter what he brings there will always be stand out toys and gifts that were a favorite and have been used since. With regard to Conor and Jack I will list below their absolute favourite gifts  Santa brought this year.


Conor is 8 years old and has various Special Needs conditions. Conor really enjoys sensory based gifts, so Santa focused on the Senses when he was considering gifts for him. Some of the gifts he received that he is really enjoying:

Dimmable Rope Lights


Three Wheel Light Up Scooter

Children’s Top 100 Music CD

Dancing Christmas Tree

Leap Frog Phonics Jam


Jack has just turned 5, and like his big brother Conor, he is Autistic. He has really started to enjoy playing with toys. He spent most of the Christmas sick with a bug so spent a lot of time in his room, chilling out and playing. His favorite toys this year were:

The Field


Leapfrog Mr Pencil’s Alphabet Backpack

Melissa and Doug Clock

B Toys Activity Cube

Melissa and Doug Treasure Chest

Hands down these are the boys favorite presents they received from either Santa or as gifts from relatives. They really enjoy them and have been using them every day since.

Conor loves going into his bedroom putting on his new Lights (they are battery powered) and playing his CDs. You can hear him giggling away as he dances to the music.

Jack has been bringing his Treasure Chest and Clock to bed every night since Christmas day. He falls asleep with his little arm wrapped around them.

autism christmas gift ideas

It was so rewarding to see the boys happy on Christmas day and in the days since. I don’t mind one bit they haven’t paid much heed at the moment on their other gifts as I know as the weeks and months go by they may take an interest in their other presents. I am just happy that they are happy.

I am always interested to hear what other children with Autism enjoy playing with? What presents have become your child’s favorite this year? Feel free to comment below or over on my FACEBOOK page.

Thank you for reading.


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