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Conor and Jack : An Update 

If you are reading this post then  you may have  noticed that I haven’t been too active here on my web blog but I am almost always active over on my Facebook Blog page. I have just taken a break from writing on here as sometimes life gets too busy and I need to take a step back, look after my children and make sure I am meeting their needs as best I can. Factor in daily therapies, OT sessions, working on Speech Therapy, trying to spend quality time with each and then just doing normal mom things like baking with my lovely Hailey or going for walks with my handsome little boys, well, there isn’t much time left in the day.

I just wanted to pop up a post to let you know, we are all keeping well. Jack has started to talk, thanks to the amazing help of the super talented  Keira Keogh Behavior Consultant, it is a long road ahead of us yet to get him where he needs to be but he is doing amazingly well with the guidance of his lovely Therapist who he now calls “Keea”. 

Conor has been super busy since September also. He has moved up a class in the Autism Unit in the amazing Knockrooksey NS. He has now moved to the Busy Bees Room and his new teacher is Mr. Lyons who he adores. In only a few short months with Mr. Lyons leading the way Conor has started to do homework and loves trying to write and has been making some amazing attempts at making sounds and even said the word “cloudy” one day at school when Mr. Lyons asked him what was the weather like outside.

Hailey has been super busy as always having fun, being creative and being the best big sister two little cute boys could ever ask to have.

The Mayo Autism Support Association (MASA) were able to obtain the services of an excellent Occupational Therapist who travels to the West once a month to see children with Autism. Conor has been attending along with Jack and we have received some excellent guidance from their new Therapist. (I plan to write a short post on products he has recommended to me for my boys).

I plan to write a Christmas Social Story post aswell, time permitting of course. So pop back later in November to find out more.x

For now, from all at Little Puddins, I wish you all a very Happy Halloween.xx


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