Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable

free itsy bitsy printable

Download your Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable 

One of the best ways to help children learn is through fun activities. One of Conor’s favorite pass times is listening to Nursery Rhymes, carrying out their actions and singing along in his own way. In this post I share an Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable

Conor has always loved the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Every night before he goes to sleep I sing that song for him and pretend the spider is climbing up his body and it ends with tickles of course; Conors favorite part.

For the free printable this week instead of having a page by page telling of the Nursery Rhyme I have created something a little different.

free itsy bitsy spider printable

I hope you have fun printing this FREE Itsy Bitsy Spider FREE Printable.

You can find your FREE Printable here.

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