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One of the best ways to help children learn is through fun activities. One of Conor’s favorite pass times is listening to Nursery Rhymes, carrying out their actions and singing along in his own way. In this post I share an Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable.

As Halloween is upon us I thought the perfect Nursery Rhyme for this week’s Friday Freebie was the Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable

Conor has always loved the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Every night before he goes to sleep I sing that song for him and pretend the spider is climbing up his body and it ends with tickles of course; Conors favorite part lol!

For the free printable this week instead of having a page by page telling of the Nursery Rhyme I have created something a little different.

I have  created a one page “telling” of the Nursery Rhyme. By using highlighted numbers together with a clear visual representation of the Rhyme you can encourage your child to – A) Point at the differing stages, B) Follow the sequence, C) Identify where the spider is on his journey, D) grasp number recognition, E) Create opportunities for further discussion/language development.

I have printed the Itsy Bitsy Spider Free Printable and laminated it for Conor so he can clearly follow what I am saying by my encouraging him to point at the differing stages of the Nursery Rhyme.


The next Visual I created is to encourage a Visual re-telling of the Nursery Rhyme by your child. I printed off this Visual and cut out each of the squares together with the Drain Pipe, thereafter laminating them. Conor then will place the the correct square in order/sequence around the drain pipe in his own retelling of the story. It also creates the opportunity whereby I can place the wrong squares at different points and thereafter encourage Conor to “correct” my mistakes.

Matching together with Hand/Eye co-ordination are covered in the next printable. As Conor has poor Fine Motor Skills I am always trying to find ways to encourage Conor to use his hands and to develop his skills.

The final Printable is a simple drawing of the Spider that your child can color in. Conor likes to paint his hands so in his case he hand “stamped” his Spider which now hangs proudly in our kitchen.

As always I have prepared a Free Download for you, so your little people can have fun and learn along side Hailey, Conor and baby Jack. You can find your free Down Load here. 

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