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interoception books

Interoception Books. I am always asked for book recommendations on various topics related to autism and autistic experience. Interoception and autistic experience are uniquely linked.

Many of my readers will know that I have a huge library of books specific to autism and related topics in my office. When looking for my top three books on interoception I wanted to make sure there were accessible for parents and professionals.

Below are my top three Interoception Books.

Must Read Interoception Books

The Out Of Sync Child – Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A

One of the first ever books I purchased many years ago to help me understand sensory processing. Before attempting to understand interoception, you need to understand sensory processing. Start with The Out Of Sync Child.

Interoception – How I feel by Cara N. Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L

For parents in particular this is an accessible book with lots of practical strategies you can implement to support your child. Of course, always check in with your child’s OT before implementing any new strategies with regard to their sensory processing.


Interoception The Eight Sensory System – Kelly Mahler, MS, OTR/L

I refer parents to Kelly’s website all the time and to her courses. She is a wealth of knowledge on interoception, and she is my go -to source when I want the most up to date information on interoception. she has several incredible trainings and curriculums so is well worth a visit. Here book is excellent and accessible for parents and professionals with lots of strategies and advice.


If your autistic child is struggling with toilet training or with their emotional regulation, consider speaking to your OT about Interoception for expert advice and support.

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