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Easy Halloween Treats

10 Easy Halloween Treats to make-

With Halloween just around the corner I have been researching some really tasty and fun Halloween Party Treats to make with Hailey and Conor. I would say with baby Jack too but he usually likes to sweep in, grab some goodies and go off to hide while he munches on them with a cute smile on his face.xcg183_04

The best place I have found for collectively  researching fab ideas, tutorials and how to’s for almost every topic you can imagine is Pinterest. I wanted to find some really cool but easy (so that Conor can help too) party treats to make. I have created this post to share with you all so you and your little people can try them out too and also so you can discover these super fab Blogs where you can learn heaps of new tasty recipes to try with your little monsters.

So here the list of super easy Halloween Treats you can make with your little ones at home this Halloween.x

1♥ Chocolate Filled Pumpkins


A super easy Halloween Treat made by filling Tangerines with chocolate. A super tasty treat but also easy to make for children of all abilities. You can find the full recipe over on Yummy Mummy Kitchen


2♥  Monster Cupcakes


Super easy but super spooky cupcakes!! I think we will be trying to make these for sure as there isn’t heaps to do with them detail wise (not including the actual making of the cupcake of course) so Conor and Hailey would both be able to make these. You can find the full fab recipe over on Life with the Crust cut off.

 3♥ Halloween Marshmallows


Hailey’s favorite treat by far is marshmallows so of course they would have to feature on the list. They can be made so easily! To find the full recipe go to I Wash You Dry


4♥ Witches Hat Mint Cupcakes


I have seen so many really cool Witches Hat party ideas that I am going to try and make some of them with Hailey and Conor as they really do look so easy to make and spooky! You can find the full recipe over on Jessy and Melissa


5 ♥ Vampire Caramel Apples


So easy to make but are also a perfect Halloween treat to make. Conor would not be a huge fan of these as he really dislikes gooey type food but Hailey would be in her element so we will have to try and make these.x You can find the full recipe over on Erica’s Sweet Tooth


6 ♥ Frankenstein Cake

Frankenstein Monster Cake logo

This would be a super easy cake to make! Conor, Hailey and baby Jack both love Victoria Sponge cake so  I would buy a cake (to save time) and then make green icing and add on the decoration. For the full recipe for this fab cake go to Bird on a Cake

7 ♥  Pumpkin Strawberries


Love this idea and again so simple to do.x Strawberries cover to look like pumpkins. Super easy and super tasty.x To find out how to make them, go to This Silly Girls Life


8 ♥ Rice Krispie Pumpkins


A great way to use up Rice Krispie Cereal and also have fun.x Love this idea and we will be trying to make these for sure.x To find out how you can make them go to Cincy Shopper.

9 ♥ Spider Cookies


We love cookie making in our house so we are going to make these to bring to Granny’s house as she has a sweet tooth.x To find out how you can make them go to Oh My God Chocolate Deserts


10 ♥ Candy Apples


We have made Candy Apples in the past so we will be making these again this year.x To find out how you can make yours go to Bored Fast Food.x


Well that is 10 Super easy Halloween Treats you can make with your little ones.x We will be trying to make all on this list, this year so wish us luck, I have a feeling we made need it lol!x

To find out what Hailey, Conor and Jack get up to everyday pop over to our Facebook page to find out.xx

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